[s-cars] Allroad diesel questions

Nic Bode spedrcr at comcast.net
Sun Dec 16 05:28:53 PST 2007



I own an 02 allroad here in the states. I only wish it was a diesel as the
fuel mileage of my 2.7tt could be better. I can't speak to any issues re the
diesel although I imagine being an Audi, it's a great motor with a long life
ahead with good care and maintainance.


Allroad itself can get a bit spendy even with good preventative care as
those two things you mention are common failure points on the car. The
tranny itself is not bad, but the seal on the torque converter can let go.
If caught early enough, you can save the tranny and get a new torque
converter with the updated seal and keep going. No, Audi doesn't sell the
updated seal itself so as to prevent this failure...that would make too much


Airbags for the suspension can develop leaks, in turn causing the compressor
to run all the time while trying to catch up on the lost air. The airbags
are items to add to the watch/maintain list every 3-4 months, specifically
the seat on the shock body and the bag itself. Jack car up in level 4, don't
forget to place the suspension in "Jack Mode", pull the wheels, wash the
airbag and more importantly wash/remove any debris from the seat on the
shock body where the bag rolls over as it moves from different level


Sorry I couldn't be more help with the diesel thing. The AudiWorld allroad
discussion can be lively and certainly filled with good information. I
believe there are some international allroad owners on there that may help
with the diesel questions you have. Another place I would try for allroad
info is www.allroadfaq.com <http://www.allroadfaq.com/>   A lot of BTDT info
and you can read up on the tranny thing.


Best thing to do when buying is have a good indy check it out with a scan
tool for codes and try to let it sit overnight to see if the bags are
leaking and the car sags. All that being said, I love my allroad. I needed a
car that could do everything the Ford F-250 it replaced, save the heavy
towing of course, and also be able to keep my 3 year old safe and take
clients in for showings. My S4 is a bit beyond stock and clients don't seem
to appreciate the coil-over suspension in that car and the Ford was just too
big for in-city work so I bought the allroad. The swiss army of cars, if you
have a rack, a hitch and enough tie-downs in the spare well you can do just
about anything in this car. I have almost 90K on mine with no tranny or
airbag problems (knocks on wood very loudly to let the Audigods know I
acknowledge their presence). I also have a very good indy that is much
cheaper than the dealer. My only real complaint for the car is that the
ABS/ESP is very sensitive and kicks in going over bumps in the road that are
not that big. I guess I am still used to just ABS from my S4.


Hope that helps!



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