[s-cars] Current draw/dead battery

Mark Strangways StrangConst at rogers.com
Tue Dec 18 19:41:50 PST 2007

My ghost draw is the coolant afterrun pump, and it was the window control 
module tied in with the alarm (for the auto up feature).

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> I'm getting a little frustrated with a ghost current draw that's leaving 
> me
> with a dead battery every freaking morning. This morning, I jumped it (as
> usual) with my jump box that nearly has a permanent duty station behind 
> the
> front passenger seat. I'm usually good all day until I start to car to go
> home. Today was different. I had a dead battery again this afternoon. 
> Jumped
> again and drive the 65 miles home. That's it, time to trouble shoot this
> bitch. I pull the + lead off the batt and set the DMM to amp. It reads 
> 24mA.
> Hardly anything at all. I start pulling fuses just to see if I can get it 
> to
> change. Nothing. I pull all the relays and C/B's under the hood, nothing
> again. I pull the pass carpet up and pull the fuse and C/B's at the ECU,
> nothing yet again. I disconnect power from the security/vacuum pump (door
> locks) and still nothing. I removed the rear seat and put it inside the
> weapons van for now. I'm sick of lifting that thing off to jump the bitch
> everyday anyway. So I have eliminated all the fuses and most of the C/B's
> and relay's. I have yet to pull the lead off the starter or the alt to see
> if I get a change in current draw. The 24mA crept up to 30mA by the time I
> "said F-it, it's cold and I'm going inside" I left the DMM on the + batt
> terminal and the + lead over night. I'll check it out before I go to bed
> this evening to see if the mA jumped to anything bigger than 30.
> Does anyone have any known culprits they could throw my way to check out? 
> I
> do not have the luxury of spending large amounts of time on this.
> Jim Furdyn
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