[s-cars] [NPC] Lifting Driver's Side Wiper

CaptMagu at aol.com CaptMagu at aol.com
Thu Dec 20 11:56:40 PST 2007

Rossatosan et all

The solution for this problem is rather simple. As Munro theorized, the 
spring does lose its tension or is that compression after time. If you remove the 
arm and get a strong set of pliers in there you can do an s-bend at each end of 
said spring. This will work as good as the best plastic surgeon's ability wit 
  da knife. The steel that the spring is made from is very strong and the 
s-bend is NOT easy to accomplish but the result is worth the effort.

Hap, wit dakine non-liftin wipers not from Evahboost, Maguire

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