[s-cars] Current draw/dead battery "a short story"

Jim Furdyn audijim at comcast.net
Fri Dec 28 14:30:12 PST 2007

Today I received the new TC temp sensor and I have a brand new aux coolant
pump relay coming as well. I would hate to put in a "known good" spare and
have this happen again! I will put in the new relay first, and see how she
flies. If all is well, the TC temp sensor will be standing by on the parts
shelf or it might go onto the car soon after. My relay smells horrible and I
am more than confident that this was my problem. Since I have removed this
relay from the system, my battery drain problem disappeared.

This was a huge pain in the ass, I had to rob Peter to pay Paul with
borrowed time in order to get any sort of wiggle room to trouble shoot this
pig. Where the hell did all my time go! I'm not done updating this thread as
yet, more to follow as the new parts are installed...


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It appears you have the system down pat, Jim.  I am sure it took me 6  
to ever see all the functions that run the fan in this complicated  
system, and a
15 minute refresher every session working on it.

I was trying to convey in my shortened response that it was not worth  
it to mess
around with a possibly faulty relay that is difficult to troubleshoot  
because of the
time delay built in it.  Your decision is the best one, especially  
with the parts
that are available from parts cars.  In my case, I changed enough  
parts that I am
not really sure what the original problem was, perhaps multiple  
failures.  :-)

Interesting  that the TC temp sender could be activating when most  
have the
opposite problem of not activating enough, worrying listers that the  
turbo does
not get cooled enough after shutdown.  Of, course, they could have a  
like Mark's that is not operating the fan.


On Dec 28, 2007, at 5:48 AM, Jim Furdyn wrote:

> At any rate, the relay is what controls the Rad Fan to start  
> turning when
> the ignition is off. Why would I not want to "mess" with this relay  
> if it's
> the culprit turning the fan on and draining my battery? Granted,  
> the TC temp
> sender may be tell the relay to turn on, therefore in this example,  
> it would
> NOT be the relay. But since I pulled this relay and C/B, the car  
> start great
> and batt voltage is normal again. Like I said before, I'll be  
> changing the
> TC temp sender and the relay, for a $15 sender and a known good  
> parts relay,
> it's worth it to me.
> Jim
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> Tom, mine didn't start the fan, just the pump.
> Maybe in my MY (92) that is by design.
> Mark S
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>> My point on the after run circuit is that the fan runs as well as the
>> little coolant
>> pump you might not hear.  The fan is what depletes the battery in
>> short order
>> when this circuit stays on, and can even catch on fire, so you don't
>> want to mess
>> with a suspect relay.  Unfortunately, there are so many other places
>> for the current
>> to leak.
>> When you celebrate success in this endeavor,  I recommend a bottle of
>> "Jarhead
>> Red" from Firestone vineyards in Los Olivios, Ca, a product of Adam
>> Firestone,
>> Capt, USMC, 84-91, proceeds to the Marine Corps foundation.
>> Tom
>> On Dec 27, 2007, at 4:15 PM, Jim Furdyn wrote:
>>> Thanks for info Tom and I appreciate your recommendations. I have
>>> checked
>>> the voltage at the alternator and at the battery for comparison,
>>> they were
>>> less than a half a volt difference and this was one of the first
>>> things I
>>> checked. All connectors at the alternator and starter were secure
>>> and in
>>> good condition. Since this relay is not the mechanical type that
>>> you can
>>> actually hear open and closing, this was not easy to spot. As
>>> previously
>>> stated in an earlier post, I unplugged the aux coolant pump and
>>> waited until
>>> the next day. The battery still went to less than 10 volts. I then
>>> started
>>> to dig deeper into that circuit and found the smelly coolant pump
>>> relay.
>>> This does not mean that I still do not have a possible bad TC temp
>>> sensor
>>> feeding the relay a false signal and the relay staying closed
>>> therefore
>>> draining most of the battery voltage. I have the TC temp sensor
>>> coming and
>>> will install that first. This aux coolant relay smells fried but
>>> looks good.
>>> I don't have to be a rocket scientist to say that I no longer trust
>>> its
>>> functionality so I will be replacing this as well. None of this  
>>> is any
>>> guarantee that this problem is cured. If this does hold a charge
>>> over my
>>> upcoming long weekend, I'll call it good at that point.
>>> Jim
>>> USMC (1989-1992)
>>> Floyd, Semper Fi brother!
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