[s-cars] Questions about Replacing DriveShaft

Brian Powell brian at atomicham.com
Sat Feb 3 20:00:34 EST 2007

I went out to replace the right, front driveshaft in my wife's A4. Its
outer CV boot is completely torn along the clamped seam and grease is
all over the place. The bolts holding it to the tranny seem to be T40
torx at 30 ft-lb according to Bentley.

So, I get my T40 socket in there (sadly, I no longer have my
compressor), and I start to turn. click. The I eventually gave up
because every one I tried, the bit would just slip inside the nut, and
I don't want to strip anything.

Any ideas? Do I have to use an impact tool on it to do it? Are those
bolts (which have a star shaped head) actually Torx?

Next Question: To get by with the old unit until I can replace it (I
leave shortly to go to Steamboat! and then off on a work trip), I
repacked with grease and put a stainless steel hose clamp on the outer
CV boot (taking the old circlip clamp off) to prevent any more grease
seepage. It is on there very tight, and seems sealed nicely. However,
I am starting to wonder how well that clamp will hold up to the
centrifugal force of spinning while going 70mph on the way to the

Should I be concerned? Will a screw-on type hose clamp withstand those
forces for about 300 mi (how far the car needs to go before I can
replace the axle)? I don't want that thing flying off and taking out
the brake line.


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