[s-cars] Strut Boots & CV Shaft

Matt twentyV matt_20v at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 5 18:45:49 EST 2007

Greg, I'd be running away from that shop.  The CV boot
can be replaced along with repacking the joint, it
will be fine.   Even M&M Audi in San Jose which is
notorious for recommending unnecessary work will just
change the boot.  
The strut boot, well, I've been driving my coupe for 8
years with boots that won't stay attached on Bilstein
struts.  I gave up trying a long time ago.  I suggest
just reattaching them maybe using a tie-wrap or hose
clamp, and check periodically.  It is certainly better
to have the boot there to protect the shaft seal from
getting compromised by dirt, but with the weather
we've been having in N. Cal...
I don't know of any good Audi shops in the foothills,
but there is 2Bennett in Davis and German Motors in
Tahoe City if you get desparate enough to drive.
--- Gregory Wolters <gjwarch at sbcglobal.net> wrote:

> Hi,
> I took my 94 S4 with 160K miles to tire shop for
> rotate and balance.  They pointed out I have a torn
> outer left CV boot and that the right front strut
> boot
> was off.
> They think I should replace the CV shaft with a
> rebuilt because of the mileage.  It isn't making
> noise
> and the boot hasn't been torn for long (tires
> rotated
> 4K miles earlier).  They want $180 for rebuilt
> shaft,
> $111 for labor.
> I looked over the top of the tire at the right front
> strut and the boot has disconnected at the top. 
> They
> think I should replace front struts because of
> milage
> and that one of them is leaking.  I couldn't find
> the
> leak.  $230 for struts, $265 to install, $55 for
> front
> strut boots.
> Then I need a 4 wheel alignment.  Total: $660
> Ouch!  If the CV isn't making noise, doesn't it have
> some life left in it?
> Can the strut boot be re attached without removing
> the
> strut?
> TIA,
> Greg
> 94S4
> Nevada City, CA
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