[s-cars] Quattro.... there is no substitute - just add JNR

Taka Mizutani t44tqtro at gmail.com
Fri Feb 16 07:57:59 EST 2007

Not even an e-brake turn! The DSTC cuts in so hard on the Volvo that I can't
in hot and turn at all- the DSTC brakes the wheels so that you don't turn!

That's f'ing scary- I can handle a little tail out action, but not being
able to turn at all
is not right. It won't let you turn on loose surfaces unless you're crawling
and all 4 wheels
have traction, but it won't stop the car from yawing and fishtailing all
over the place in
a straight line, with the wheel straight. WTH?

This is a '04 Volvo V70R- if their performance model is like this, I can't
see the "normal"
models being any better. What it really needs is a "competition" mode, like
the Corvette-
doesn't intervene unless you're really way, way out of shape.

Does your Audi w/ ESP do that? Which car- S8?


On 2/16/07, Pasqualoni, James E <james.pasqualoni at gs.com> wrote:
> YES!  One more thing to say:  Don't ever attempt an e-brake induced
> power slide without remembering to deactivate the ESP!  The results are,
> total plowing of the front end, and like Taka said, the inability to
> turn.  D'oh!!!

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