[s-cars] Broken Plastic yields red line auto

Calvin Young calvinyoung at cox.net
Mon Jan 8 21:43:04 EST 2007

Guess what guys, a small plastic piece that connects the end of the
accelerator cable to the throttle body breaks and the engine immediately
goes to 7000 rpm.  Keep the car out of gear and the engine blows.  Keep the
car in gear and it goes for the top speed.  Put a foot on the brake to slow
down the car and the brakes begin to burn up.  

Finally stopped the car and saw that the manifold was red hot, I mean cherry
red hot.  Found the problem and it is a 2 cent piece of plastic 
See Calvin young at myspace.com to see the part.  

The dealer wants $95 for the entire cable and they are not sure that the
part even comes with it.  The throttle body could also have the part and the
price is $890.  My solution is to find someone that has solved this problem
in a reasonable way.  Since I still have the part that broke off, I hope to
glue it back and try to wrap it with metal.  

Given the consequences, you would think Audi would have thought of that.

Any body had this problem?

Calvin Young, 94S4

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