[s-cars] NAC: Why should I run away from a '96 328IS?

Mike P (530) mlped at qwest.net
Fri Jan 12 10:40:26 EST 2007

Vincent, you've (sadly) overlooked the Trablant.  It is:

	- absolutely reliable (too not run)
	- not only below $10k; you can often PAID CASH money to haul away
		profit potential here
	- Potentially Fun:  People have been know to find themselves bent
over in paroxysms of laughter when faced with 		being asked to get
in one.


>-----Original Message-----
>From: s-car-list On Behalf Of Vincent Fregeac

>With the S-bitch relationship becoming a I hate her, she hates
>me, S-he's a bitch affair, I'm planning on putting the S-bitch 
>aside until the weather becomes warmer or I manage to free the 
>garage from the Fiat. So, I started to plan for a third car. 
>The criteria was:
>- Must absolutely be reliable
>- Must be below 10K$
>- Can very optionally be fun
>Of course, I came up with the two most logical choices:
>- '00 Golf 1.8T (57Kmiles)
>- '96 BMW 328IS (70Kmiles)

>'96 S-bitch, considering divorce since she refuses to have WOT
>with me '81 Fiat Spider, summer flirt Looking for adultery 
>with a '96 328IS

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