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Eric Phillips gcmschemist at gmail.com
Mon Jan 15 14:01:40 EST 2007

On 1/15/07, Ron Wainwright <ron_01056 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2007 08:42:45 -0800
> From: "Eric Phillips" <gcmschemist at gmail.com>
> Subject: Re: [s-cars] for sale stuff
> > Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2007 05:05:47 -0800 (PST)
> > From: Ron Wainwright <ron_01056 at yahoo.com>
> > Subject: Re: [s-cars] for sale stuff
> >
> > Listers, I think this subject has been HASHED out
> > too many times....I know that one can go both ways
> on
> > this. But the fact of the matter is that FS posts
> > aren't allowed!
> >It has been hashed out a few times.  I think a
> >healthy dose of live
> >and let live needs to be inserted, and I think the
> >reasons I've
> >articulated for my disagreement with this particular
> >rule are
> >reasonable and moderate.
> >Zero-tolerance policies are set such that nobody has
> >to think.  Rules
> >are rules and that's it.
> >I don't think anybody is yelling at Brett, nor am I
> >yelling at you,
> >for that matter.  I figure if we can have
> >discussions about non-S
> >Audis, then we can certainly trade parts.  Maybe
> >that would be the
> >solution.  Parts for "trade".
> >I offer my 1993.5 UrS late-VIN driver's-side widget
> >for trade.  You
> >contact me off-list, and we work out exactly what
> >the trade would be.
> >Let's say we work out the trade to be I give you the
> >highly-desireable
> >widget, and you give me 375.23 United States Dollars.
> >It's not FS, so it's not against the rules, right?
> >Everybody's happy, and no spam was actually sent to
> >any list.
> >What say you, boys?
> >Eric
>  Eric I love your reasoning don't get me wrong...I as
> well have a "widget FS"..said "widget" is the heart of
> any car..& the "widget" runs STRONG & for $2,200
> United States Dollars it could be any ones as
> well...but again..FS ads have a place.

LMAO!  Good one.

> I do think that the marketplace is a wonder full
> resource..but a quick heads up on the list that would
> need the part the most wouldn't be bad either..but
> again see rule 1..(so to speak) FS ads aren't allowed
> on the lists..only in the marketplace.

OK, for trade.  Except that only gets around the letter of the law,
and not the spirit.

> I don't think the powers that be have gotten enough
> credit for what they do! I've been a lister for round
> 15yrs now & have seen all types of discussion & this
> one is brought up more than a "team door handle"
> topic.

I there's a reason for it.  There are folks like me who have an
interest in not making any sort of profit, but in making sure my
friends on the list have first crack at my stuff.  I think that what
happens is that there are those folks who don't want to have to think
about what situation is acceptable, and what isn't.  So a total ban is
put in place.  My solution would be to enforce it selectively, because
there are obviously a wide range of opinions on what should and should
not be allowed.

> & as you mentioned I'm not casting a shadow on you..or
> anyone..or talking down...or YELLING at anyone....
> ...but just like anyone of you out there tell your
> kids that there are certain rules that we need to
> follow as a society I think it's a bit of the pot
> calling the kettle Black syndrome for us grown adults
> to contradict what we try to teach our children..

I tell my kids that rules are sometimes colored in grey, and not so
black-and-white.  Some rules must never be broken.  Some rules may be
broken at great need.  And some rules exist only for the ego of the
rulemakers and can be safely ignored**.  As a parent, I have to
instill proper judgement such that my kids can tell which rules are
which, and which ones might be colored in between the shades I have
drawn in here.  Even around the house, there are such rules - like
"never, EVER touch Daddy's tools.  If you need a tool, Daddy with
either get you your own tool, or fix/install the thing that needs
doing.  Even the wife knows (now) to obey that rule.  The rule "don't
drink Daddy's last soda" is routinely ignored.  :)

**(Note:  the no FS postings list rule is *NOT* an ego-driven one,
IMO.  Let me be PERFECTLY CLEAR on that!)

I'm still pulling for the "for trade, contact me off-list" kind of
deal, where widget trades might be initated for, oh, $327.23 worth of
Starbucks common stock, for instance.  ;)

BTW, if I had a CQ, I'd love to trade for your widget.  I need an S2.  :)


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