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Vincent Frégeac s.sikss at gmail.com
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BTW, I've had a RARed FA 7 sitting on my laptop drive for a while because I
remember the FA 6 was requesting at least 1280, and my laptop is only XGA.
As I'm too lazy to try it myself (more exactly too busy, as you can see
S-Car stuff are relegated after 1:00 am) could you tell me if the FA 7 as
the same screen resolution requirement as the FA 6.



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Assumptions for these instructions:
? Windoze XP Pro. Other flavors of Windoze will be similar.
? Plenty of free disk space.

? A download or DVD of ETKA 7.
? A user account with admin rights.

There are (at least) two ways to install, one from a file structure  
extracted to your hard drive from a download, the other from a DVD  
either supplied by a friend or burned from the download.

If you downloaded it, you'll probably end up with some sort of  
compressed archive, like a .rar file. I suggest getting a current  
copy of ZipGenius (http://zipgenius.it).

Extract whatever you downloaded to some temporary spot on your hard  
drive. Somewhere in this will be a big ISO file. ISO files are disk  
images, in this case an image of the installation DVD.

At this point you can either use ZipGenius to extract the contents of  
the ISO file to a temporary place on your hard drive, from which you  
can install, or you can burn the ISO to a DVD if you have that  
capability. If you burn it to DVD, once the DVD is ready you can skip  
on down to INSTALLATION.

If you've extracted the contents of the ISO file, you've got  
something like 2.2GB of over 42,000 files. Lets say you extracted  
them to, for example, C:\temp\etka, from which the install file tree  
branches out.

So let's make that C:\temp\etka install tree a place from which you  
can actually install! What a concept. Open Windows Exlorer, and right  
click on C:\temp\etka (or wherever you extracted the ISO file  
contents), and pick “Sharing and Security”, and click on “Share  
this folder on the network”. It may bark at you, whining about all  
kinds of security risks, but prove that you are the higher being and  
assure it that everything will be OK. Give your share a name.

Once you have the install tree shared, now map it as a network drive.  
In Windows Explorer, in the “Tools” pull down menu, pick “Map  
Network Drive”. Pick the lowest drive letter you can that is above  
C, for example E. Do not pick B. Click on the “Browse” button to  
pick the Folder, and navigate to the share name you created above.  
You can probably do this by picking “Entire Network”, then  
“Microsoft Windows Network”, then your workgroup, then your  
computer, then the share you created. Once you've highlighted the  
share name you created above, agree to everything, and you should end  
up with a new (virtual) drive, from which the install should work.

You will start with the ETKA installation screen. You get this either  
by inserting the DVD, or by completing the map network drive above.  
If inserting the DVD or mapping the network drive doesn't  
automagically start the setup, navigate to the root of your DVD or  
new network drive, and click on “setup”.

Pick the drive on which you want your installation to reside, and  
click on the button “Installieren”

You will be harassed by a number of “setup” dialog boxes,  
complaining in German that they cannot copy a .ini file. You'll get  
as many as nine of these; just click on the “OK” button each time  
to get past them.

Click “OK for U.S. English, then deselect (get rid if the check) in  
the “Only program installation, no database refresh”, and click  
“Next”, prolly three times, until it starts copying files. Go get  
a cup of coffee and a case of donuts, as it will be copying for a while.

Once the copying is done, it should report a successful installation.  
In German. Bummer.

Open up your new ETKA 7, and pick the lower left box of the intro  
screen, “ETKA STARTEN”.

Once it starts, look for the menu boxes at the right of the banner at  
the top of the screen. The lower left of these looks like a scrolling  
menu, and the rollover text for it says “Liste der Funktionen  
anzeigen”. Click it, the pick the choice “Sprachauswahl”, then  
“Chinesisch” (unless you are a monolingual American like me, then  
you'd pick “Englisch”).

At this point, you should be in business. No hardlock problems with  
the copy I found and installed, unlike earlier versions. Also no need  
for 1280 x 1024 screen resolution, and no need for a US and a Euro  
version, as they're both here.

Good luck, have fun,

- -Ian Duff.
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