[s-cars] ETKA 7 install instructions

Mike Fitton rfitton at vt.edu
Thu Jan 18 17:04:46 EST 2007

Okay, I've been fiddling with this for days.  I've tried both mounting 
the folder as a network drive and burning to a DVD, and I'm still 
getting the fatclient error.

Removed my two older copies, including the hardlock driver...still 
getting the fatclient error.

I don't normally consider myself a complete n00b, but this is starting 
to make me feel like one.  I followed Ian's instructions to the letter.  
What am I doing wrong?


Ian Duff wrote:
> Hash: SHA256
> Assumptions for these instructions:
> ● Windoze XP Pro. Other flavors of Windoze will be similar.
> ● Plenty of free disk space.
> Prerequisites:
> ● A download or DVD of ETKA 7.
> ● A user account with admin rights.
> There are (at least) two ways to install, one from a file structure  
> extracted to your hard drive from a download, the other from a DVD  
> either supplied by a friend or burned from the download.
> If you downloaded it, you'll probably end up with some sort of  
> compressed archive, like a .rar file. I suggest getting a current  
> copy of ZipGenius (http://zipgenius.it).
> Extract whatever you downloaded to some temporary spot on your hard  
> drive. Somewhere in this will be a big ISO file. ISO files are disk  
> images, in this case an image of the installation DVD.
> At this point you can either use ZipGenius to extract the contents of  
> the ISO file to a temporary place on your hard drive, from which you  
> can install, or you can burn the ISO to a DVD if you have that  
> capability. If you burn it to DVD, once the DVD is ready you can skip  
> on down to INSTALLATION.
> If you've extracted the contents of the ISO file, you've got  
> something like 2.2GB of over 42,000 files. Lets say you extracted  
> them to, for example, C:\temp\etka, from which the install file tree  
> branches out.
> So let's make that C:\temp\etka install tree a place from which you  
> can actually install! What a concept. Open Windows Exlorer, and right  
> click on C:\temp\etka (or wherever you extracted the ISO file  
> contents), and pick “Sharing and Security”, and click on “Share  
> this folder on the network”. It may bark at you, whining about all  
> kinds of security risks, but prove that you are the higher being and  
> assure it that everything will be OK. Give your share a name.
> Once you have the install tree shared, now map it as a network drive.  
> In Windows Explorer, in the “Tools” pull down menu, pick “Map  
> Network Drive”. Pick the lowest drive letter you can that is above  
> C, for example E. Do not pick B. Click on the “Browse” button to  
> pick the Folder, and navigate to the share name you created above.  
> You can probably do this by picking “Entire Network”, then  
> “Microsoft Windows Network”, then your workgroup, then your  
> computer, then the share you created. Once you've highlighted the  
> share name you created above, agree to everything, and you should end  
> up with a new (virtual) drive, from which the install should work.
> You will start with the ETKA installation screen. You get this either  
> by inserting the DVD, or by completing the map network drive above.  
> If inserting the DVD or mapping the network drive doesn't  
> automagically start the setup, navigate to the root of your DVD or  
> new network drive, and click on “setup”.
> Pick the drive on which you want your installation to reside, and  
> click on the button “Installieren”
> You will be harassed by a number of “setup” dialog boxes,  
> complaining in German that they cannot copy a .ini file. You'll get  
> as many as nine of these; just click on the “OK” button each time  
> to get past them.
> Click “OK for U.S. English, then deselect (get rid if the check) in  
> the “Only program installation, no database refresh”, and click  
> “Next”, prolly three times, until it starts copying files. Go get  
> a cup of coffee and a case of donuts, as it will be copying for a while.
> Once the copying is done, it should report a successful installation.  
> In German. Bummer.
> Open up your new ETKA 7, and pick the lower left box of the intro  
> screen, “ETKA STARTEN”.
> Once it starts, look for the menu boxes at the right of the banner at  
> the top of the screen. The lower left of these looks like a scrolling  
> menu, and the rollover text for it says “Liste der Funktionen  
> anzeigen”. Click it, the pick the choice “Sprachauswahl”, then  
> “Chinesisch” (unless you are a monolingual American like me, then  
> you'd pick “Englisch”).
> At this point, you should be in business. No hardlock problems with  
> the copy I found and installed, unlike earlier versions. Also no need  
> for 1280 x 1024 screen resolution, and no need for a US and a Euro  
> version, as they're both here.
> Good luck, have fun,
> - -Ian Duff.
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