[s-cars] Fuel leak 93 S4

Fred Munro munrof at sympatico.ca
Sun Jan 21 13:43:11 EST 2007


If you are going to have this line made up yourself, run a hardline from the
flex hose at the fuel rail along the firewall behind the POS/connector rack
to the flex hose at the fuel filter. Fit a new section of high pressure flex
hose at the filter and have it high pressure swaged to the hardline.
Personally I'd try to get the replacement line from Audi; they probably have
a bunch made up for the North American recall. You can also buy a line for
an A6 (I think the P/N is 4A1 201 529L for the NA models; it might be
different for LHD models). It will fit with the exception of the connector
to the fuel rail; you'll have to modify that to fit your S4.


Fred Munro
'94 S4
'97 S6

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Thanks for the advice everyone.
It would seem getting a hose made up to go the whole way from filter
to firewall (or manifold?) would be ideal.
Or is that faulty logic?

Sam Clarkson
I thought I was wrong once.... but I was mistaken
On 21/01/2007, at 6:11 AM, Tom Green wrote:

> Everyone I know of has had this leak, Sam, so yours is slow coming
> on.  :-)
> Fred is the list advisor for s-car stuff and the equivalent of
> Canada's Dear
> Abby or E.F. Hutton when it comes to good advice for these cars.  I
> would
> take that advice to heart.
> I assume you are talking about the Oetinger single-use clamps.  I
> don't think
> they provide enough long-term clamping force to be secure and would
> add
> another or screw-down clamp for the trip to the repair shop.  Can
> you find a
> place to swage the clamp on the line in place?   It is a big
> project to remove the
> hard line if it has to be done on the bench.  Audi changed the
> repair after many
> replacements were done and just left the old hard line in place and
> installed a
> new line routed with the return lines at the firewall behind the
> electronics cover.
> I believe a description of that repair is available in the s-
> cars.org downloads of
> the US DOT recalls.
> Tom
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>> Sam;
>> This is a common failure. Audi issued a recall in North America
>> (well,
>> actually the U.S. and Canadian federal government  departments
>> responsible
>> for auto safety forced a recall) and replaced the lines free of
>> charge with
>> a modified A6 fuel line. I don't know how good you feel about your
>> end
>> nipper clampy things, but if that line blows off you'll probably
>> lose the
>> car to a major engine fire. Hopefully you'd get out with your life.
>> Personally, I'd be inclined to replace the hose or try to get your
>> Audi
>> dealer to do it for free. Maybe you can get your government auto
>> safety
>> group to issue a recall - I persuaded Transport Canada to issue
>> the recall
>> for Canada.
>> Fred Munro
>> '94 S4
>> '97 S6
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>> Hi all
>> Happy new year
>> I hope all you folk in the WRONG hemisphere are enjoying your snow
>> tyres as much as I'm enjoying my aircon!
>> I smelt something...
>> Fuel dripping out of the swaged connection between the braided hose
>> and the solid fuel line coming from the firewall to(or is that from?)
>> the fuel filter. Hmmm raw fuel near hot turbo thingy, I don't
>> think so!
>> So I cut it off and crimped on a new braided hose with those crimps
>> you squeeze with end nippers (forget what they are called sorry) and
>> all is well. My question is can that be called a permanent repair or
>> do I need to take it all off and get a high pressure swage back on.
>> Ski some pow pow for me...
>> Sam Clarkson

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