[s-cars] 92 S4 HVAC ?'s

Wylie Bean theringmeister at triad.rr.com
Tue Jan 23 10:29:12 EST 2007

got the faults pulled on my 92Ur's HVAC woes.  I'm able to get heat but only 
for about 1-2 minutes when I first turn it on, then the air will gradually 
get cooler until I turn it off, wait a minute or two, then turn it on again 
and repeat same cycle over and over.

I don't have a Bentley for this car yet, so any advice would be appreciated.

Codes found:
00603 footwell/defroster flap positioning motor (V85)
41-00 - blocked or no voltage

01272 - Positioning motor for Central Flap (V70)
41-10 blocked or no voltage - intermittent

00604 - potentiometer positioning motor for air flow flap (G113)
30-00 - open or short to plus

00797 -Sunlight photo sensor (G107)
30-00 open or short to plus

I guess I've got some work do to under the dash and upper cowling?  8^(
BTW, I thought I read somewhere the 92 didn't have the sunlight photo 
sensor?  Maybe I'm mistaken?

Wylie Bean
TheRingmeister at triad.rr.com
90 Cq
92 urS4
01 allroad quattro

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