[s-cars] AC low side recharge adapter

Aaron Ryba aaronryba at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 2 17:48:04 EDT 2007


I recently tried to check my AC system pressure due to poor operation but can't find the correct adapter. As we know there is no factory service port for the low side of the system (on my 95 S6 that is), only the high side. Like others have mentioned I took off the low pressure switch (F 73) located in the right plenum and planned on filling her up there however it seems like the threaded male connection with the schrader valve there is a metric 10 mm thread size which won't work with anything I can get at Autozone or Advance Auto parts. I am trying to avoid spending $100 bucks on the high end manifold gage set or paying a shop $120 to fix it for me.

Bentley mentions use of adapter tool V.A.G/1 or V.A.G/10. How can we get one of these? Or has anyone found a way to rig this up otherwise.
 I looked for a pneumatic coupling in my local Lowes but none of that seemed to work.

Also, when my compressor comes on it seems to really bog down the engine, especially when cruising on the highway at a constant speed it is very noticeable, even jerky when it comes on or turns off. Maybe if the system is low on pressure and I put in some freon premixed with lubricant this will help things a bit. Any ideas otherwise?

Aaron Ryba
Hot as hell in SC
95 S6 

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