[s-cars] AC low side recharge adapter

Tom Green trgreen at comcast.net
Tue Jul 3 17:02:17 EDT 2007

Actually, I think Aaron is on the right track here, Steve.

The fitting is a M10 and 1.5 tp looks correct.  The auto industry has  
using those quick disconnect  fittings for AC gages for a while.  I  
like them because you need adapters for the Audi fittings.  You almost
have to try them to be sure they work in all respects, then buy QD  
for my gage set.  :-)

This adapter we need also needs to install with the schrader valve in
place so you can remove the adapter after charging to reinstall the low
pressure switch.  It's in the small details that some fittings won't  

It's nice to have your expertise looking for the solution.  I'm still  
looking for
the guy that says " here is what I have been using on hundreds of Audis
and here is where to get it".


On Jul 3, 2007, at 2:59 PM, Young, Steve wrote:

> Aaron...
> The parts you show look like air line fittings to me.  The Grainger  
> part
> I indicated was for reference only.  I believe you are correct that  
> the
> thread will be wrong.  There are fittings like that for automotive use
> that should have the correct thread.  A refrigeration supply house  
> would
> probably have something.  I'll spend some time with some of my  
> supplier
> catalogs and see if I can come up with something.
> Regards,
> 				TRANE
> Steven Young
> Local Operations Manager
> Albany Office
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> I found this online (not in store):
> http://www.partsamerica.com/ProductDetail.aspx? 
> MfrCode=IDN&MfrPartNumber
> =SPASST&CategoryCode=3569
> The top right of this adapter kit shows part "#A-9, R124A low side
> service port M10x1.25."
> This I believe is what we need to connect to the male schrader valve
> port at the low pressure switch (also similar pressure release  
> valve on
> compressor itself).
> This might be the same part, sold individually, not sure though as
> thread size is not listed:
> http://www.partsamerica.com/ProductDetail.aspx? 
> MfrCode=FAA&MfrPartNumber
> =59254&CategoryCode=3569
> I may be wrong but I don't think you can attach a typical recharge  
> hose
> up to this as it is 1/2" (1/4 or 3/8?) threads or something else
> Imperial and not M10 metric.
> As far as I can tell that Grainger adapter listed below is I believe
> still Imperial (1/4") and not a Metric thread so will not work.
> Aaron Ryba
> 95 S6
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> That "adapter", perhaps in group buy quantity, is what this list
> desires.
> Your help in finding the what and where to source this part  would be
> appreciated, Chris.
> I didn't elaborate before, but it is below the low pressure switch,  
> and
> you can just leave the switch disconnected and short across the
> electrical contacts so the compressor will run while using the port.
> Tom
> On Jul 3, 2007, at 12:37 PM, chris chambers wrote:
>> Gentz,
>> There is a switch on the passenger's side up near the windshield, a
>> local tech uses an "adapter" where he threads out the switch and puts
>> in the adapter and fill/reads gas there.
>> I'll ask him for more specifics next time I'm down there.
>> Chris
>> --- "Young, Steve" <sryoung at trane.com> wrote:
>>> Having read these A/C posts with interest, I'll add my $0.02.  I  
>>> will
>>> be looking into my A/C system soon, as it provides no cooling.  So
>>> bear with me as I have done no investigation to date.  If the low
>>> pressure cutout switch is the type that screws onto a threaded
>>> schrader valve port, any refrigeration supply house should have a  
>>> tee
>>> fitting that could be installed between the A/C line port and the
>>> cutout switch leaving an additional port for gauge hookup.  This
>>> assumes that there is physically enough room to add the tee, and  
>>> then
>>> orient it so that a gauge hose can be attached.  It also assumes  
>>> that
>>> Audi did not use a fitting with a non-standard thread.
>>> http://www.grainger.com/Grainger/items/3GD02
>>> An alternative would be the pick up a braise in port fitting and
>>> install it in a manageable place on the low side of the system.  If
>>> you system is already empty, this option will take about 30 minutes
>>> to install by drilling the proper hole in the low side line, and
>>> braise in the fitting.
>>> http://www.grainger.com/Grainger/items/3X729
>>> Or use something like this.
>>> http://www.grainger.com/Grainger/items/3WU91
>>> YMMV, and please verify the line size before purchasing.
>>> Regards,
>>>                 TRANE
>>> Steven Young
>>> Local Operations Manager
>>> Albany Office
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>>> This issue has been revisited many times without any definitive
>>> answers given to the list.  The most often asked is about adapting a
>>> gage set to the low pressure port for a DIY recharge.  But no one  
>>> has
>>> offered any specific details for this even if they said " I did this
>>> myself".
>>> Even
>>> the local dealer service manager claims they never use the low
>>> pressure port, only connect to the high pressure port at the
>>> condenser, evacuate and refill a measured charge with the engine  
>>> off,
>>> and measure the high side pressure and interior duct temperature for
>>> any fine tuning of the charge with the engine running at 2K rpm.
>>> There is some risk of introducing liquid refrigerant into the
>>> compressor by using the low side port if you are not careful or
>>> overcharge the system even though shops use this system on most
>>> vehicles, and of course, the high side pressure will burst a DIY can
>>> and will only allow a recharge with the compressor off.
>>> My high side valve is on the front right side of the condenser and
>>> easily accessible on the S6.  I don't know about the R12 systems on
>>> the S4.
>>> Is there someone on this list who can put these issues to rest?
>>> That is, can someone provide a source for a low side adapter?  Does
>>> anyone have specific details of the differences in the URS4 systems
>>> using
>>> R12 and the URS4/6 systems using R134a?
>>> Tom
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>>>> Aaron Ryba wrote:
>>>>> Like others have mentioned I took off the low pressure switch (F
>>>>> 73) located in
>>>> the right
>>>>> plenum and planned on filling her up there however it seems like
>>> the
>>>>> threaded male connection with the schrader valve there is a metric
>>> 10
>>>>> mm thread size which won't work with anything I can get at
>>> Autozone
>>>>> or Advance Auto parts. I am trying to avoid spending $100 bucks on
>>>>> the high end manifold gage set or paying a shop $120 to fix it for
>>>>> me.
>>>> I'm almost in the same boat.  With 3 Audis with weak or no AC, I
>>>> thought I'd be better off investing in the equipment and doing it
>>>> myself. I bought the not-quite high-end manifold gage set ($60 at
>>>> Robbins, a supplier to mechanics in S. NH, not the $39 set at the
>>>> local national consumer chain.
>>>> Plus another $30 in the R134a-specific hoses.). I bought the R134a
>>>> adapters.
>>>> I haven't gotten around to actually doing the conversion(s) yet.
>>>> But my
>>>> understanding so far is that the gage sets needs to tap into both
>>> the
>>>> high- and low-pressure sides of the system, so you still need to
>>> have
>>>> access to a low-pressure side valve.
>>>> My am also under the impression is that the valve on the compressor
>>> is
>>>> meant to drain the oil from the compressor, but as it is on the
>>> low-
>>>> pressure side,
>>>> -- and here I'm not 100% sure/convinced -- it can be used to
>>> recharge
>>>> the system. I'll leave it to someone with more experience to
>>> confirm
>>>> or reject that idea.
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