[s-cars] NAC....need ski boat advice....

Mark Strangways StrangConst at rogers.com
Wed Jul 4 00:26:32 EDT 2007

Personally, I love Outboards.
Just built a 2.4 V6 that should be 240 HP ish at 7000 RPM.
Nice open exhaust.... ummm
Paul, you listening ?

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> Hey guys,
> Sorry for the NAC, but wanted to pick the boat-loving brains of the group. 
> I am in the market for a used ski/wakeboard/general-have-fun type of boat, 
> around 18-20 ft, and I've always liked the Mastercraft/Correct Craft type 
> of ski boats.  I live near a 7 mile long lake in northern Montana and just 
> want something powerful and versatile.  I've had a 19' I/O 260 Mercruiser, 
> open bow, and was a great all around fun boat, however, outdrives, etc. 
> leave more to go wrong, versus the inboard of a ski boat.  I was looking 
> at late eighties, early '90's vintage Ski Centurion, Nautiques, 
> Mastercrafts, etc. for under $10K......looking for BTDT's and any 
> models/years/motors to stay away from, otherwise I'm open to any and all 
> suggestions.  Also, is this something I'd be able to tow with my 
> girlfriends' 2000 Tacoma V6?  Thanks, and back to regularly scheduled JNR, 
> S8, BBS and A/C discussions.
> Best regards,
> Jim Fleischer
> '95 S6 avant
> '91 200 TQ
> '83 ur
> (insert ski boat here)
> '00 Toyota Tacoma (Girlfriends)
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