[s-cars] NAC....need ski boat advice....

matt ludwig. urs6avant at gmail.com
Thu Jul 5 09:00:47 EDT 2007

As for a boat you are looking to ski with, i would never want an  
outboard for this. I too love a great outboard boat (read: Protector,  
Eastern, etc) but as an all-around, fun boat that you want to ski,  
wakeboard, etc with- inboard is definitely the way I would be headed  
as well.

Now, regarding manufacturers, there are a million ways to skin this  
cat. Mastercraft has always made good boats, they have become more  
visually 'loud' in recent years w/ sticker kits and bridge designs,  
but still ride nice. I personally feel they are good boat, albeit a  
bit over-priced i think. I would stay away from boats like Larson and  
correct craft as they are pretty low-end (unless that is what you  
want for any number of reasons) and they really do not spec the  
drivetrains as well as some other makes.

A great boat with fantastic lineage, great lines and tons of fun are  
the Chris Craft line. the Corsair, Launch and maybe even the Lancer  
are what you would be looking at there. They are a little more money,  
but the options, ride and power (especially at altitude where you  
will loose ~ 20%) are more than enough to show you the value.

Honestly, growing up in, on and around boats of all types on Lake  
Tahoe, CA, it comes down to what you outlined and budget for sure. A  
great boat is relative to 2 things; how many hours you are  
realistically going to put down a season, and how much money you want  
to throw at it. : )

Good luck!

matt ludwig.

On Jul 4, 2007, at 12:26 AM, Mark Strangways wrote:

> Personally, I love Outboards.
> Just built a 2.4 V6 that should be 240 HP ish at 7000 RPM.
> Nice open exhaust.... ummm
> Paul, you listening ?
> Mark
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>> Hey guys,
>> Sorry for the NAC, but wanted to pick the boat-loving brains of  
>> the group.
>> I am in the market for a used ski/wakeboard/general-have-fun type  
>> of boat,
>> around 18-20 ft, and I've always liked the Mastercraft/Correct  
>> Craft type
>> of ski boats.  I live near a 7 mile long lake in northern Montana  
>> and just
>> want something powerful and versatile.  I've had a 19' I/O 260  
>> Mercruiser,
>> open bow, and was a great all around fun boat, however, outdrives,  
>> etc.
>> leave more to go wrong, versus the inboard of a ski boat.  I was  
>> looking
>> at late eighties, early '90's vintage Ski Centurion, Nautiques,
>> Mastercrafts, etc. for under $10K......looking for BTDT's and any
>> models/years/motors to stay away from, otherwise I'm open to any  
>> and all
>> suggestions.  Also, is this something I'd be able to tow with my
>> girlfriends' 2000 Tacoma V6?  Thanks, and back to regularly  
>> scheduled JNR,
>> S8, BBS and A/C discussions.
>> Best regards,
>> Jim Fleischer
>> '95 S6 avant
>> '91 200 TQ
>> '83 ur
>> (insert ski boat here)
>> '00 Toyota Tacoma (Girlfriends)
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