[s-cars] Climate Control - Damn the Snowflake

Fred Munro munrof at sympatico.ca
Sun Jul 8 07:32:34 EDT 2007

Heh, no apology necessary, Tom. I try to do everything the easiest way,
removing the fewest components possible. Sometimes that works, sometimes it
just makes more work :). I was just pointing out to Sean the rad could be
moved if he needed the clearance; I couldn't remember if it was required to
remove the fan. I do remember I had to remove the bumper and the intercooler
to get at the fan connector though. That is no longer necessary on that car


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The fan blades may well be detached from the motor shaft.  There are
two bolts
IIRC that hold the shroud in place, then it just lifts out with the
fan, motor, and wire
attached.  You may have to release a wire clip or two at the bottom
to get it out far
enough to work on it.  I am just winging this without looking at the
car, but I believe
this means after you remove the lock carrier (cross piece that holds
the hood locks)
by removing the ten 10mm nuts, four phillips screws in the top
headlight attachment
and two 10 mm bolts on the front of the carrier for the radiator
support and move it
back a little.  Not difficult at all, it has lots of fasteners but
they are all the same size,
and you have to move this out of the way to do almost anything on the
engine front,
such as, change the serpentine belt.

If the fan blades wobble, it is likely that the nut holding blade hub
to shaft has
loosened enough to let the motor turn independent of the blades.
Locktite is
called for here.

I apologize for the "oh no, do it my way", Fred.  I do believe every
lister should remove
the belly pan regularly until it is second nature to install it, and
remove the bumper
enough to become comfortable with the procedure.  :-)


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> Sean;
> When you turn on the A/C, the electric rad fan should run. If it
> doesn't
> there is a problem somewhere. On my UrS4 the fan connector was burnt.
> Replacing it solved the problem. There is probably a fusible link
> or fused
> ground in the wiring somewhere - can't recall now, but I know my
> old '91
> 200q had a fused ground on the electric rad fan. You can swing the
> rad out
> without draining it or disconnecting the A/C. You have to remove
> the front
> bumper and the lock plate and assorted rad mounting bits, and the
> rad will
> swing out from the right side about 12" or so to allow you to get
> in behind
> it if required.
> Fred Munro
> '97 S6
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> OK so I have to open this thread back up...
> How hard is it to pull the aux fan with the radiator still attached
> to car?
> Found a non-functioning fan may be the reason my snowflake
> (compressor)
> keeps turning off.
> I did not see anywhere in the guide from the 12v.org site where you
> could
> get info as to if the fan was getting a signal to turn on/off or if
> it was
> getting any voltage at all.  At this point I do not know if the fan
> motor is
> good or not.  When I reached in to turn the fan it just wobbled
> around like
> the blades were completely detached from the motor.
> Thanks,
> Sean
> 95.5 S6 Avant
> Bothell, WA


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