[s-cars] Shocks and inserts - it's time to change 'em.

Fred Munro munrof at sympatico.ca
Sun Jul 15 22:44:42 EDT 2007


The Bilsteins will go in through the top.

I just installed a set of Sachs Advantage shocks on the rear of my UrS6. I
like them so much I've ordered a pair of front inserts. They give a nice
smooth ride with excellent control - typical good German sports sedan
handling. They are nowhere near as stiff as the Koni's I had in my UrS4 -
but then the S4 handled like a go-kart with the Konis. The S6 is much more
refined with the Sachs :).

I plan on replacing the strut bearings as well, but I was going to do it
with the struts in the car. I figure if I compress the spring and remove the
insert, I should be able to disassemble and reassemble the strut in situ.
I've never done this, so it should be an interesting weekend when I tackle
it. I plan on a full alignment after the job is complete.

Fred Munro
'97 S6

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Thanks for the advice, Vincent.

I also have heard that the Bilstein inserts cannot be installed
through the top hole like the OEM ones - if I choose not to replace
the strut bearing, and just the insert, what is the brand/type of the
OEM replacement?

Thanks again,


On 7/14/07, Vincent Frégeac <s.sikss at gmail.com> wrote:
> Three words of advice:
> - Torch: I don't know with the special Audi tool, but I've never managed
> move the inserts retaining cup with a pipe wrench without plenty of
> penetrating oil _and_ plenty of heat. Last time, a propane torch was
> but the car was 8 years old, not 13. Small oxy-acetylene can now be found
> almost any part store and you'll certainly find other use for it on a '94
> car.
> - ABS Sensor: Bentley says to remove it but I've never manage to remove it
> intact. Unplug it from inside the engine bay then pull the ABS cable and
> leave the sensor attached when you pull out the suspension.
> - Breaker bar: 3 feet minimum, six feet better, to pull the arm control
> down. On reinstall, four hands make the job of inserting the ball joint
> back into the hub much easier.
> Otherwise, tools are standard. A marker can help to mark the position of
> bolts at the top of the suspension. This way, you can have the alignment
> almost on - mine was dead on - so the car won't have awkward reaction by
> time you have the alignment done.
> One last thing, you can't have an alignment done with tie-rod end, ball
> joint or bushing shot. So the week-end before the suspension, it may be a
> good idea to check all the suspension and direction links for play or
> cracked rubber. Sway bar bushings are easy while-you're-at-it, tire-rod
> and control arms are another story. They can be easy, or they can take the
> entire week-end by themselves.
> Vincent.
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> Objet: [s-cars] Shocks and inserts - it's time to change 'em.
> No, not on the S-car.  But it *is* a '94 100*S* Avant.  :)
> C4 is C4, so I figured I'd ask the guys who know.
> I want to replace the inserts, strut bearings, boots and shocks.  I'm
> thinking Bilstein HD, but am willing to listen to reasons why I should
> use a different brand.  I'm going to use this as an excuse to buy the
> special Audi tool, instead of using a pipe wrench.
> What I need to know are all the "gotchas" from some folks who have
> BTDT.  This is the wife's car, and I don't want it down for more than
> a weekend, if I can help it.  So I want all the tools, parts, lube,
> etc. that I needfor this job BEFORE I begin.
> Who wants to take first crack at this one?  :)
> TIA,
> Eric
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