[s-cars] Tire size for '01 A4

Taka Mizutani t44tqtro at gmail.com
Mon Jul 16 10:19:40 EDT 2007

I think you'll run into rubbing issues, depending on the offset of the
wheels as well as how low you go.

I ran 225/45R17 on the A4 w/o any issues. I wouldn't go much wider than 235
unless you do your homework and can confirm fitment with the same offset as
the wheels you're using.

Why do you want to run 245s on the car, anyway? If you're doing track events
or autox, you should have a separate set of wheels and run dedicated rubber-
a lot of R rubber runs way, way wider than the "listed" size. Heck, even
some street tires are like that- 195/50R15 Potenza RE-01R are pretty much
the same width as my 205/50R15 Azenis RT-615, which already run wide for the

I can't agree with the suggestion to run S4tt wheels- way too heavy. Find
something like OZ Super/Ultraleggera, OZ Crono/Crono HT or something good
and forged. Does Enkei make the RPF-1 in 5x112? If so, that's a great bang
for the buck wheel- MAT construction makes it very strong and light, nearly
an oxymoron, being strong, light and relatively cheap ($200-250/wheel).
Depends on your budget.

Definitely get 17x8 or 8.5 if you can- I had good results running a 225/45
on a 17x8 wheel- nice turn-in and decent grip, but maybe my standards are
not the same as yours.

Sorry, I didn't read your requirement to use the stock 17s- you can't run
wider than 235/45 with 7.5s, you're running out-of-spec if you do a 235/40
or anything wider. I'd really reconsider and get some aftermarket 17x8s.


On 7/16/07, Lee Levitt <lee at wheelman.com> wrote:
> I'm purchasing an '01 A4 1.8t quattro avant with sport suspension. The car
> currently has 16" wheels. I'm going to upgrade to 17", am wondering what
> size tire will fit.
> I think the 225/45/17 is the stock size on the B5 S4, not that this is a
> necessarily useful datapoint.
> I'd like to go to a 235/45/17...or even a 245/40/17.
> Can anyone give me some guidance as to what will fit, using stock A4 17 x
> 7.5 wheels?
> Thanks!
> Lee
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