[s-cars] RS2'd UrS6 Avant - Fair Market Value?

Matthew Pelkey matthew.pelkey at gmail.com
Mon Jul 16 15:54:55 EDT 2007

Hi Folks,

I'm thinking of selling my RS2'd UrS6 Avant and need to determine how
much I should ask for it. The reason I'm looking to sell it is that
I'm looking at '02-'03 S6s and S8s.

So what do you think it's worth anyways? I'll try to summarize the mods...

95.5 S6 Avant w/ 145K
RS2 Conversion: RS2 Turbo, RS2 EM, RS2 Injectors, MRC RS2 tuning,
Apikol 1.8t Coil Conversion
Stromung Exhaust: Gen IV w/ test pipe and catalyst
LLTek Front Bumper Extension (not painted yet but is going in soon)
Apikol Short Shifter
Suspension: Stock except for HSRB
Brakes: Stock
Summer Wheels: Stock 16" Avus w/ Michelin Pilots
Winter Wheels: OEM 16" A6 sport package wheels w/ Dunlop Wintersport M2s

Mechanical: 8/10 - The car is in excellent mechanical condition and
has been maintained w/o sparing any expense. The only issue is that
the HSRB is squeaking(should be fixed this week) and it could probably
use a set of shock/strut inserts in the next year. The timing belt and
related service was performed at 101K.

Exterior: 8/10 - The car has had the front and rear bumper covers
repainted a couple times, nothing major though as far as accidents.
There are no dents but it's a 12 year old black car so there's very
minor scratches in places.

Interior: 8/10 - The interior is in great shape and everything works.
The leather is a little aged on mostly the drivers seat. The rear
sunshade needs some attention too as it appears to be working it's way
out of it's carrier.


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