[s-cars] Woah- me too!

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Just to nit-pick a wee bit... these (...301A) are A8 rotors. Audi labeled
the section A8/S8; but, the S8 rotors (...301B) are 345x30 and have a
different, I believe, hat offset.


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Hi Matt:

Responses below:

> First the brackets themselves, I see 034 has them for
> $225, is that a reasonable price?

They were around $180 about 4 years ago, I guess inflation and the strong
euro has increased prices.

> Rotors- what specific year/ model (A8/S8?) rotors and
> better yet- part numbers.  Recommended sources for
> good pricing?

They are 323x30 from a 1999>2003 A8L or S8, part number is 4D0 615 301A

> I presume I should replace both the caliper-to-bracket
> and bracket-to-strut bolts.  Should I use locktite,
> and what sort of torque should be used.

I don't use loctite, the torque setting for the bracket to strut is 90
ft-lbs and the caliper to bracket is 75. New hardware is recommended.

> I probably should replace the braided lines at the
> same time too, eh?

Probably, but I use OEM rubber from the type 44 cars, 405 mm long, part
number 443 611 707C for like $20 each.

Sean Douglas
1997 S6 RS2'd
1990 90q20v

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