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I watched a TT front carrier fail at Gingermann a few years ago.  The  good 
thing about steel is it flexes.  The bad thing about steel is it  flexes, why 
we all hat the G60's IMO.  If you compare a G60 to a 1995 M3,  the G60 
dimensions are better than the M3, but the M3 brakes better.
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There's  a couple of failures listed on audizine.com, one for a TT 
carrier on the  rear of an A4 and another of the ECS carrier. I 
didn't search on this, was  just looking for brake information, so 
I don't know what else is there.  Catastrophic failure is nasty, 
and I'm concerned about the TT carrier  failure...although it's 
unclear whether this was an OE part or a  copy.



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