[s-cars] Big Reds + RS2 caliper carriers...

Igor Kessel KBATPO at comcast.net
Mon Jul 23 12:59:09 EDT 2007

Mike Fitton wrote:
> Okay, I'm gonna throw some stuff out there (here?).  Been reading this 
> thread for a while...figured it was time.
> Question on the hats.  I, too, have RS2 brackets and 928GTS calipers.  
> After reading someone's comment about the A8L rotors squealing and the 
> 993tt rotors not squealing I decided to figure out how to get me sumadat 
> without losing the steel brackets (btw, totally awesome not worrying 
> about those fracturing).  Does anyone know the exact difference in 
> offset?  I say we figure out how to make our own damn hats out of 
> whatever material we please.  Just need some dimensions.  I'm running 
> Ferodo DS2500 with no anti-squeal and A8L rotors.  Maybe it's partly the 
> pads, but it's probably just a matter of time before I get pulled over 
> for noise violation.  In Virginia these days, that's probably like a $6k 
> ticket now.
> On the bolts.  For the whole front of the car, you'll need four bolts in 
> M12x1.5x25 and four bolts in M12 x1.5x70, all of them class 12.9 with a 
> socket cap head.  The 25mm ones can be had from ECS and probably several 
> online part stores.  They're cheap and easy to come by.  The 70mm ones 
> were difficult.  However, it turns out that Porsche uses a 72mm bolt in 
> that location (it's the cailper to bracket bolt).  So I got me four of 
> those with my calipers.  Porsche p/n is 999 067 041 09.  I didn't keep 
> track of who sold me what, but my spreadsheet says I spent $15.02 on 
> those eight bolts.  Javad wants almost $40.  I think Javad's great and 
> all, but these eight bolts just aren't worth $40.
> Lines.  Didn't know about the StopTech option when I did mine.  I used 
> lines for mating a 986 caliper to a B5 car.  Got those from PureMS.  
> They seem okay.
> -Cheers!
> Mike
> Eric Phillips wrote:
>> For 993TT calipers, the RS2 carriers being $220 from 034 isn't
>> horrible.  They also supply the carrier->strut bolts in the proper
>> grade.  Cheap!  You can get the brackets also from www.vagparts.com,
>> in about ten days.  I'd FedEx from 034 if my carriers were cracked...
>> You cannot use the ECS hats and 993TT rotor rings, because the carrier
>> offset is different.
>> Braided lines, tested in the DOT fashion, with banjo-bolted caliper
>> ends, can be had from StopTech.  Ask for Matt.
>> The rotors you want are A8L D2 323x30mm.  Yes, they are 2mm shy of the
>> 32mm-thick Porsche rotors.  I know of two guys who have worn their
>> pads down to the backing running the A8 rotors.  Pistons popping out
>> isn't an issue.  If you want the rotors centered, take the brackets to
>> a machine shop and have them mill 1mm off the back side, where they
>> contact the strut.  The rotors will then be perfectly centered.
>> Several people run the brackets unmilled, and haven't found any
>> problems.
>> I run Hawk HPS pads, and run NO anti-squeal goo.  The rotors moan a
>> bit, but only when warm.  Not cold, not hot, but warm.  Everyday
>> street driving doesn't get the rotors warm enough to make them moan.
>> I do run slotted disks (which can be had from Apikol.)  Some folks
>> also swear by the Porsche OEM Textar pads.
>> There was a part number list on AudiWorld some time ago.  It might
>> still be there.
>> HTH,
>> Eric
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I've been running the Big Blacks for several years now. The setup is 
comprised out of the 928GTS calipers, genuine RS2 brackets, A8L rotors, 
Porsche anti squeal pucks and Mintex Red pads. No squealing whatsoever 
cold or hot.

Igor Kessel
two turbo quattros

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