[s-cars] Drivetrain binding with new to me EDU 6-speed

chris chambers fastscirocco_2000 at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 30 15:01:16 EDT 2007


Were you ever able to diagnose this?

My silver S4 (currently parked as I gather body parts) had an EDU
swapped in along with a new clutch etc last summer. I experienced no
problems after the swap and put ~20,000 miles on it before trying to
move an Ohio turnpike guardrail with my S4 last December!

So in hopes I can provide some info that might help you solve your
issue here's the stats on my car. Feel free to ask any questions.

EDU 6-speed trans with one alignment pin removed
Stock shift linkage
Stock 16" sized wheels with factory offset
Stock old snub mount (probably original)
New transmission and engine mounts
original axles with ~275,000 miles on them
Royal purple in da transmission
stock replacement clutch & Pressure plate
stock flywheel
stock suspension
garrett 3071 turbo
RS2 fuel injectors
RS2 Exhaust Manifold
Pastore's "RS2" chipset
Stock Intercooler with Samco hoses


--- Steve Voit <stevevoit at comcast.net> wrote:

> S-Heads:
> I recently installed an EDU 6-speed, along with new clutch and motor
> and
> trans mounts.
> Since the install I now have a 'binding' that occurs in the
> drivetrain when
> I make tight turns such as in a parking lot.  With significant
> steering
> input the drivetrain feels like it's binding up (similar in character
> to a
> 4x4 with locked low range differential, but not as significant).  It
> is
> worse with the application of power, and maybe not noticeable under
> reversing.  It is accompanied by an audible rumble and 'gear like'
> vibration
> through the seat.
> What is causing this?  What could be causing this?
> It is otherwise quiet down the road and has no clunks or whines that
> a bad
> diff would indicate.
> Kind regards,
> Steve Voit
> 95.5 S6
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