[s-cars] Eisenbud's : a Denver Wrench - BTDT?

tom at freeskier.com tom at freeskier.com
Mon Jun 4 15:03:56 EDT 2007

Hi all, I'm looking for feedback from Denver/Front Range, CO. listers for a repair shop called Eisenbud's. It's located on 8th Avenue and Vallejo (a relatively new location, I think.)

The place says it does VW and Audi work, but all I see there are Porsches. Tons and tons of Porsches.

Thanks in advance for the info. I've used a shop in Boulder regularly for more than 5 years, but have relocated to Denver and this place is a short bike ride from my new home, meaning I could drop the 'ol jalopy off and get home/return for pick up without any headaches.

95 S6 Avant

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