[s-cars] Hydraulic "J" hose leaking

Tom Green trgreen at comcast.net
Thu Jun 21 10:58:13 EDT 2007

The last one was $72.37 plus shipping on May 31.  They charge  
according to shop supplies used and labor for
each job.  Shipping was billed at actual cost according to speed.

Flush the system and clean reservoir and filter.  Be sure to clean up  
the mess from the leak before it attracts
dirt and hardens and softens all the rubber bushings in the suspension.

This is my spare hose just waiting for a need.  I think you will like  
their work, you will just have to clean the oil
out of the insulating covering yourself.  Zip-Lok bag the hose to ship.


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> de-lurking here....
> Yup, I blew the J-hose last night - the one from the hydraulic pump  
> to the accumulator.   Yup, it's the part that's $558 at the local  
> dealer here in Vermont.  ECS shows it at just $495.  Haven't seen  
> it anywhere else.
> It looks like a straight forward fix, and I suspect that I'll need  
> to also replace any washers/o-rings as a part of it.  I checked  
> with a local place that rebuilds hydraulic hoses, but he doesn't  
> think that he has the stock and fittings on hand for this  
> application - apparently he's been asked to do this before, and  
> discovered this needs to be a hose of 2500 PSI working pressue, and  
> he doesn't have the stock on hand to do that.
> The next alternative is sending it out to Spokane's House of Hose  
> (as I've researched in the archives, many folks point to them with  
> good results).  Anyone have an idea as to the cost?  Anything else  
> I should address while I'm fixing the hose?
> Thanks all,
> Paul
> 95.5 S6A

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