[s-cars] Stainless-Exhaust have enough yet?

Postupack, Jeff Jeff.Postupack at analog.com
Wed Jun 27 12:21:35 EDT 2007



		I sent the photos pictured here to Stromung to gain an
		I know I know, you guys are Exhausted, reading about
Exhaust pipes. But I am fixating on the topic, to keep Tha List
		You won't believe the hammering I take for the group
pricing on these things. Some guys really think a system like Gen 4
should sell for 500 bucks!
		So the struggle to maintain good quality and attractive
price continues while I vector the bargain hunters to Meineke.
		Strictly in the name of improved exhaust system, here's
what Scot Taylor (Stromung owner ) had to say.
		The pipe and strain flex relief collars are excellent
and well made with TIG welds at the junctions.
		Fitment is tight to chassis.

		He noticed the rear most muffler is highly polished and
cross referenced it to a popular unit supplied by Magnaflow he once
used. (Gen 2 time)
		( Not sure he's absolutely correct, but his point is
		Shiny mufflers are made from type 409 or 439 stainless
shells because that material responds well to a buffing wheel and
		The internal material of that muffler is also 409 or
439, which is not the best choice.
		The rear most muffler retains the most moisture due to
the length from the heat source. Typically on a humid day or a very cold
day, Scot says you can accumulate 1/2 cup of liquid water in there.
That combined with 439 stainless means the INTERNALs rust out over time.

		The Stromung rear muffler is custom 'rolled' for the C4
chassis, and it uses 304 internal material to resist the effects of
water and rusting, a 304 shell and a trick to evacuate the water.( would
not reveal how he does this) . The Stromung muffler unfortunately, won't
buff to a real shine BUT should last a long time. 
		No shine? HAP will probably disqualify it on that note! 
		The cat and center resonator are closer to the exhaust
heat output and therefore dry out due to their location. A case can be
made to roll a custom resonator, but that would drive the price up.
		Both the Saridea and Stromung systems use 
		Magnaflow cats and resonators. (Again the resonator is
likely 409 internal material and shell)
		What might be really trick is to combine the Saridea
system with a Stromung rear muffler eh??
		If anyone in Denver has a magnet, place it on the rear
muffler and tell us if it sticks, or not.

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