[s-cars] Clutch pedal won't come back out

Dan Slagle dslagle at boardmanpark.com
Thu Jun 28 12:38:48 EDT 2007

Tim:  The clutch master cylinder is inside the car attached to the
clutch pedal via a clevis. You have the same symptoms I had when the rod
coming out of the clutch master cylinder broke. In fact, when mine
broke, quite a few listers reponded who had the same problem, mostly
avants. Look to see if the rod to the cylinder moves and that it is
still attached to the clutch pedal. The clutch pedal goes up and around
until it aligns itself with the clutch master cylinder shaft.

You may have a broken clutch pedal, which is not as common. You will
need long thin needle nose pliers remove the clevis pin cotter pin.

The clutch slave cylinder is on top of the transmission. You will see
the black hydraulic hose coming from the clutch master cylinder, through
the firewall, to this. There is a bleeder screw on top of it. When you
pressure bleed your clutch, thats the bleeder screw for that. That may
be bad if all your parts inside the car seem to be functioning.

When you finally make the repair, here are some helpful hints for
bleeding the system:

1] Filled the MC for the Brake system and gravity bleed the Clutch by
opening the bleeder at the Slave.

2] Closed the Bleeder and topped-off the System.

3] Pump the Clutch about 25 times, or until the MC fills with fluid and
becomes firm.

4] Top-off System.

5} This step requires two people - one person depresses clutch while the
other opens the bleeder at the same time.

6] Repeat step #5, if necessary.

Good luck.
Dan S.
Former owner 95.5 S6

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