[s-cars] Clutch pedal won't come back out

tr0910 tr0910 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 29 16:49:17 EDT 2007

It's the slave.  I get fluid dripping out of the clutch housing after
pressing the clutch in about 10 times.

GermanAutoParts slave doesn't look like it includes a mounting bolt that
Bentley says "always replace"??
Should I worry?

On 6/28/07, Tom Green <trgreen at comcast.net> wrote:
> Good advice here, Tim.
> You certainly want to check the brake fluid level since you don't
> want to be without clutch and brakes.  If it is a leak, master leaking
> on your foot or carpet or slave running down transmission side, but
> not too bad, minimize clutch use and nurse it home.  You should get
> a brake light before you run out of fluid.  Many just fail internally so
> you lose no fluid.  If there is a helpful brake shop on the road, a low
> pressure bleed (10 psi) to flush may help if you can't manage otherwise,
> but I wouldn't expect much, and would only consider it as a last resort
> to get home.
> The replacements are available as aftermarket parts of good quality
> at a fraction of dealer cost.  It is a DIY job of some difficulty and a
> job
> you want to do at home, so nurse it home if at all possible.
> This is a one time job for both car and driver, so most of the
> replacements
> are first time jobs.  You should find lots of helpful hints in the
> audifans
> knowledge base and email archives.  A thorough job would be to replace
> both and then pressure bleed the system.  Flush the brakes while you are
> doing it.  The slave cylinder may look impossible, but it is the easiest
> of the
> two.  The master link is attached to the clutch pedal and the line goes
> through
> the firewall, so you can sort of imagine your position during this work.
> Tom
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> Yep, sounds like master or slave cylinder.  I believe the slave is the
> more common failure.
> Not dealer only but you may need to find an import auto parts dealer,
> not just a discount chain.
> Make sure there is fluid in there.  You may be able to get a couple
> "clutches" out of it if you fill it up.
> 600 miles?  If its highway, I would try to fill the reservoir, pump the
> clutch and get it going in 5th.  Then just drive accordingly.  Fix it
> home tomorrow.
> I personally have no idea how hard it is to get to the slave cylinder on
> the Ur but I bet its a bitch in a parking lot.
> Wait for some more Ur specific advise from the list.
> Dave Kase
> tr0910 wrote:
> It started to behave like a mechanical linkage problem but once I
> looked at it, master or slave cylinder seems likely.  Reverse gear is
> the worst.  Since you rarely let the clutch completely out, it fails
> every time.  Shifting other gears may work.
> Are master / slave cylinder a dealer only part?
> How big a job is the replacement as a do it yourself project?
> Tim (600 mi from home and hoping to be home tonight)
> (thank goodness for cell phones with list access)
> On 6/27/07, tr0910 <tr0910 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Clutch has started misbehaving.  Push the clutch into the floor, and it
> stays there.  Won't come back out.  Finally figured out if your pull it
> back
> out with your toe, that it heals itself.
> Is this a known issue?
> Tim
> 93 S4 170K (clutch replaced at 90K)

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