[s-cars] Aren't the new TT and the new A5 and S5 indirectcompetition?

Ez Veedub ezveedub at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 8 19:00:30 EST 2007

Oh, forgot to mention. Audi had the TT, Z4, Cayman, & SLK for ride and drive 
training comparison at the track. All cars were for slalom testing on the 
track, EXCEPT for the Cayman. Porsche would not allow the vehicle to be used 
for slalom, so it sat there, for 4 weeks. Make you wonder what Porsches 
issue was. Now I didn't slalom test any cars, but the TT track driving event 
with the 2.0TFSI front track was pretty damn good! The track handling is 
amazing, even with the worn tires!

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