[s-cars] Sciroccos and Audis

Pollock, Thomas thomas.pollock at amd.com
Tue Mar 13 15:55:16 EDT 2007

>Funny how //Sciroccos somehow led to //S cars for //So many of us huh???

Add me to the list. 1984 Wolfsburg edition. Neuspeed everything!  Wish I still had it.... 8-(   From there I went to Rabbits. Looking back, I'm not sure if I was more a VW fanatic then or Audi fanatic now. Some of you know my third eldest sons legal birth name is Ryan V.W. Pollock.  Ok, maybe I was a little fanatical back then.  (or the wife didn't like the ring of Ryan U.R. Pollock... 8-)



p.s. oh ya, this probably should be a whole other post but while I'm here...  one of the fleet was down again recently and I "almost" had to rent a car again. I finally decided to have someone look at my non-starting 94 Urs4 this time. Since I was convinced I had the same ECU issue I had last time, and I was given a "lifetime" guarantee from the shop that had it repaired, I went to contact them. Checked the web site for the number, hmmm, new site. Called and asked to speak to the owner and was told, he doesn't work here anymore... wtf? I asked if they would still honor the work and was told they'd really need to look at it. ok, "but couldn't I just bring my ecu to the shop and throw it into another car and see if it runs ?"  Was told they don't have any other Urs4's.... 8-(   but they'd do what they could if I could get it up there.  I figured I'd throw 12v across the starter and hope. Welp, much to my surprise, the slip on 12v connector had slipped off the starter!  Threw it on and the car fired right up...  niiiice.  I'm glad it didn't see the winter abuse, but I feel like an idiot for not looking.

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