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Wed Mar 7 20:46:28 EST 2007

Who else here did the Quickor suspension kit (bars, springs, bilsteins) that
was available from this sadly extinct firm?  It was very well engineered.  I
remember disassembling the strut in my father's workshop using rope to hold
the springs since I didn't have a compressor.  No fingers lost!  The results
were fantastic!

There was also an off-brand tire (Czech?) that the auto mag tire testers
loved - was such a good match for the car in 175/70-13.  Don't recall the

Drilled rotors, natch, and a stereo from the gods.  Had microscopic ski rack
that clipped onto the edge of the hatch for that oh-so-custom look since I
was always skiing, CIBIE driving lights.  Aftermarket moon roof.  Cocoa
floor mats.  Only Kendall motor oil.  Best drive ever:  heading over
Independence pass in CO after it was closed for the season.  Second best:
driving up Aspen mountain from bottom to top on the catwalks (mit chains,
booze, and foolishly unlocked gate).


Steve, thinkin' some things never change (except for those floor mats, what
was I thinkin'), V

95.5 URS6 or 8 or somethin

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