[s-cars] Opinions: 00 A8 or A6 4.2s added to the stable with the 95 S6 Avant.

Theodore Chen tedebearp at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 14 00:54:17 EDT 2007

what about A6 2.7T?  those are well within your price range and are available in 6-speed with less than 100k miles.  and those turbos can be upgraded to K04s.  with some other parts, you can have RS4 power.


James Shackelford <93urs4 at rovershack.com> wrote: Hey All,

I am not getting rid of my (wife's) 95 S6 Avant. 

I am getting rid of my 91 318is because I can't get the kids in it safely
when I need to work on the Avant.  I love my little bimmer because it gets
30MPG and is set up to autocross so it handles like crazy, but it just
doesn't work well for a second car when the family's concerned.  So, I have
been looking at what to get, and have no idea, except that my budget is
between 10-14K and I want to get something a little newer than another UrS
and less miles.  So, I started looking into 99-02 A4 Avants.  They fell into
my price range for with under 100K miles.  Then on a whim, I wondered, hmm,
when did the 4.2 come out in the A6 and what prices can I get.  Bummer, yes,
they also fell into my price range.  Then, last night I was wondering, with
all the talk of the S8s, where the 97-01 A8 4.2 fell.  Guess what, it's
within my price range.  Now I am totally confused.  I am sure I will get
numerous good and bad opinions, but what do you think of either the 00 A6 or
A8 4.2s?  I know they are tips, but I can live with that.  I have pretty
much ruled out the A4s, I am 6'4" and want something a little bigger than my
318 or an A4.

Caveat, yes, I have vag-com and am willing to do almost anything mechanical
myself, even as far as transmission replacement.  So, I am not tooo worried
about maintenance.  Though, am weary of some of the A6 stories I have heard.
Would love the S8, but that's out of my price range.

Thanks in advance,

James (rovershack)

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