[s-cars] Sciroccos and Audis

Robert Rossato bob.rossato_af at cox.net
Wed Mar 14 08:06:04 EDT 2007

> Bob writes:
> ::  I do still have some parts from her in the basement,
> ::  which I occasionally reminisce over.
> Mr. Rossatobin, what parts ageth the mostest? Please give me a 
> pricelist. 

Sorry Craig.  Not for sale as I still harbor the same intentions as you,
though you are much, much further along the curve than I am.  If I had
the storage space I'd be shopping for a rust free '81S right now to
restore.  Either in Cirrus Grey or Cosmos Silver.  First choice would be
the Cirrus.  Already had the Mars Red.  Will it ever happen?  I don't
know.  But I will cling to that dream, so the parts will probably be
sold at my estate sale.

> As far as restoring the Scirocco, I have just reached the do-or-die-
> point. My oldest child enters college next year. Scirocco resto now 
> or never. Everytime I drive that car, the simplicity soothes me, the 
> light feedback feeds me. It is a go-kart. It is the only car I have 
> ever driven that I feel I could drive though anything anywhere. The 
> visibility still amazes me - beautiful view. Maybe today's liability 
> laws limit this, cars seem so blind now as far as what you can see. 
> The sport seats - are the best sport seats EVER put in a car, '70's -
>  '80's, below $50K, PERIOD. Interstate travel is a pleasure, as is 
> the local autocross course.
> I guess I just love the car....

Same here.  And if you ever decide to bail on your project, I have dibs.
I'm especially envious of your "new" seats.  But I hope you complete it
and enjoy every minute of it.

Bob R.

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