[s-cars] Anyone own a Cobra 75 WX ST? liked/dislike?

P. Dooley WeSki at icubed.com
Thu Mar 15 07:30:08 EDT 2007


I've had one of these for about 5 years.  I mounted the silver receiver 
box under the back seat (driver's side) - easy connection to good power 
and ground there.  I ran the antennae cable under the seat-back out to 
the trunk compartment where I have a permanent antennae mounted 
(centered on the leading edge of the trunk using pressure screws 
underneath - no drilling) - same antennae used by police cars.  The 
microphone is stored in my armrest - I made an extension cable and ran 
it from the silver box under the back seat, out under the carpet on the 
hump, to under the console, then up into the armrest.  Now when I am not 
using it, the interior is clean without any cables in sight.  To use it 
I just open the armrest, pull it out and close the armrest.  If I need 
to disconnect it to move it over to my Trooper, I open the armrest and 
disconnect it there.  The antennae is a 1/4 whip and is tunable.

All together on this car I can send about 3-5 miles in the PA hills and 
I can receive from 5-10 miles away.  The all-in-one units will NOT have 
as much power you can get out of a standard CB, but for the portability 
(able to move it from car to car by buying an extra silver receiver box) 
and the clean mounting options this allowed me to do, I'll sacrifice 
some distance.

Without it I would never cruise from Ohio to NJ on I-80 in 3 hours.  
With it, I may have been know to do something like that in the name of 
//S-Fest travels - or not.
I think the best part of the CB is knowing there is a traffic problem 
ahead (before you get there) and can jump off the road or get into the 
better lane before it's too late.  I've saved countless hours of sitting 
in traffic jambs by know what's ahead of me 20-30 miles or more.  It can 
also be very entertaining.


Paul Dooley
95 S6



Due to a long commute I take 2-3 times a week I am looking at getting a
CB for my S4, . There isn't much space for a CB so after doing some
research I've found the Cobra 75 WX ST 


Anyone own this? Looking for thoughts/opinons.


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