RS6 rims, tires, Qs and OMG Ð Thompson lives!

Thompson rallye90 at
Thu Mar 15 13:30:44 EDT 2007

I'm alive!  Yes, frozen in Vermont and totally forgotten about
or not heard from in years, you guys all musta mistook me
for forgotten done gone and outta here.

Naaa, I'd never leave my roots, I still own my //S6  :-)
[ok, so I've been happily rallye driving my 2006 Cooper S
around Ð I still own and drive der //S6 Ð if my wife says
I've been good]. 

...and now w/174k miles on her [the //S6, not the wife],
I'd like some new rims that fit over my big reds. Currently
I've got Borbet type Rs with Nokian WR 235/45-17s.
Springs were replaced with a fresh set of slightly used
Audi '96 OE take off S6's and new Koni Sports. Basically, stock.

New Rims
I'm looking at the Replica RS6 18x8.5 rims (might be HEAVY
yaa think? but still have stuck in my head Brian's //S6 ala RS6
look-a-like-replica) and then compliment these RS6 replicas
with some bad boy Dunlop Sport Maxx 235/40ZR-18s.

Good choice?
This will be a summer rim/tire combo only. The last two winters
are rearing their fugly head on my type Rs...  grrrrr.

Other ideas are floating around me noggin are...
AT Italia S6, 18x8
Rial Porto, 17x7.5

I know, I know, tires are like shoes to us guys with
autopsycosis syndrom, and really come down to personal
preference and driving conditions.

Let the suggestions and photo links fly boys!

ps Paulie, I really, really WILL finish the ice racing vid-promise.

mit der Audi //S6
MINI Cooper S

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