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A/C cars in england was one of the original tuners and had their hands in  
the original cobra.  My favorite tuner car was the sunbeam alpine "tiger"  with 
the 289 in it...  Shelby has done a lot of work in the 60's and again  in the 
80's and 90's. RE GLH's Mike:   Arrow Racing did a lot of  the development 
work on the GLH series, and actually had many of the GLHS parts  in the Mopar 
Performance Catalog.  Their stage 1 hit the ground at  180hp, 5 beyond the rating 
of the GLHS, with no intercooler.  The bosch  motronic performance computer 
in the GLHturbo was able to handle a lot more  modifications than the Shelby 
GLHS computers.  Their full monty non  intercooled setup hit 225hp, with no IC.  
 BTDT.  The Mopar  performance spring set was the same rate and height as the 
S's, tho monroe  sport struts were used.  The front uprights are unique in 
the S in that the  factory camber setting was changed to be a bit more negative, 
then put back on  the assembly line.  All of which meant that a guy wanting 
to run CSP could  stack the deck quite heavily with a lot of factory looking 
parts (I 'heard' you  could delete the 'P' prefix with rustoleum gloss 
black...:) and the computer was  a complete swap too.
Shelby had some neat developments on the GLH series:  One of the first  5 
valve heads, DOHC turbo and AWD.  However, what I consider most  impressive is 
that for all the touting the 92 S car had regarding the motronic  'overboost' 
mode back in 1985, with hot wire MAF.  Dodge also was the first  production car 
to use the water jacketed turbocharger (beating audi by a few  months in 
1985my).  In 1989 Dodge actually used the IHI (Mitsubishi) VNT in  all turbo 2.2 
cars.  Always wanted to try one on the I5.
BTW Mike, I helped supply a guy with some parts for a GLH turbo that I  
believe is still running.  2.5L DOHC with some monster FMIC.  Low 11  second 
quarters.  Coming back to Audi Content, I really think that a lot of  the I5 
development could actually learn something from those boys at  Chrysler.  As a kid 
fresh out of college hanging around the dynos at Arrow  Racing in MI, those 
engineers wearing the Pentastar badges were much further  ahead in 2.2L turbo 
development than audi was at the time.
My .02
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larrycleung at gmail.com writes:
The GT40 wasn't really a tuner car, it was a  factory prototype. The Mk 1's
(289 cid) didn't hit the road (ehh, track)  until 1964, limited run, the Mk
II's (427 cid) are the ones that got all of  the glory at LeMans and Sebring
starting in 1965. MkIV's (427, new aero) last  ran in privateer hands in
1969. GT40's were first assembled in England, then  moved to Holman and
Moody/Shelby later in the production, starting with the  Mk II. They were
never considered Shelby's as they had various producers,  Lola, H&M, etc.


On 3/16/07, Taka Mizutani  <t44tqtro at gmail.com> wrote:
> You forgot the GT40- Shelby  had a hand in that car, too, although I'm
> pretty sure GT40s were  assembled in
> England, not California, right?
>  Furthermore, the current Shelby GT is also produced by Shelby in
>  California, while the GT-H is not. I don't know
> where the GT-500 is  made.
> Sorry, the only Shelby cars I'm interested in have Ford  power, not Mopar.
> :-)
> Taka
> On  3/15/07, LL - NY <larrycleung at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> >  Wasn't the "original" tuner car (with factory backing) the "original"
>  > 1964
> > Shelby Cobra? If not,
> > I'd go with the 1965  Shelby GT350.
> >
> > Just a thought...
> >
>  > LL - NY
> >
> > Wow, we've morphed into the //Shelby  list, too!
> >

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