[s-cars] NAC-Motor Trend Police Car Comparison

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PK-I hope you write all this crap down somewhere.  Oh, so that's what
the archives are for... 

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Wellllllllll a f'n Limpala got me today - shoulda bit my tongue on this
thread heh heh...  and yes on me f'n BDAY of all days, @ no dark thirty
in the a.m. trying to get in early here to mess with another guy here as
it's also his bday.  Serves me right.  Happy bday to me.  Man did we F
up his cube though, f'n You Tube stuff I'm tellin' ya.  Worth it?  Sure.

So, FIRST, run out of gas while GOING to get gas.  Nice.  F'n gas light,
gave me all of 30 miles before dying.  Usually it's 45 or more even,
WTF?  Coast to off ramp, walk few hundred feet to Mobil, get back on
highway, merge my way over to left and nail it, note car behind me does
the same.  I haven't been back "on the road" from running out of gas for
13 seconds yet.  
They're not Crown Vic headlights - but my Gadar's going off - I'm
suspicious and immediately back off from triple digits down to 70 and
casually move back over.  Paces me for 1/2 mile, over we go.  I reek of
gas and tell my story, he can smell it, then I mention my bday.  $103
improper lane change and won't misdemeanor arrest me for reckless as
he's "guessing" I was over a buck.  How kind of him.
Merge back out @ triple digits as now I'm REALLY late on getting in to
mess with my friend here.  Issues.
Plead NG of course 8-).  4th time "over" in Alumibeoch thus far, hmmm.
One not driving (Jimmaaaay), two stop sign warnings, and this 'gem'.
Could always be worse.
Again, happy bday to me.  Two time loooooser I am today.  Awesome.

Least I gots an E90 ///M5 SMG beating(s) coming tonight or thereabout
and then ongoing, yesohyesohyesohmeohmy - MUWHAAHahahaahaaaa.  Good to
have friends!  He's already blown by a local pig on backroad @ buck five
and rollers went on - within 3 hours of purchase.  Ooops.  He didn't
look back.  Says it's an allout frickin RACE CAR.  
Nipples are rising while buttocks remain firm.
-Paul shoes fit K.


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Exactly. My last ticket (last, as in most recent, not last, as in I will
never speed again) was in the dark, after an especially long day at
work. Gee, thanks, officer. Didn't feel so bad getting popped at night.
Had I let the Crown Vic sneak up on me in the daylight hours, it would
have felt like getting beat up by a Girl Scout. Totally humiliating.
lickin' my wounds and enjoying a GS cookie in Oakland

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	Man oh man, has THIS become quite the challenge here in CT.  Da
MAN's recent use of said ultra-low-profile light bar has rendered them
*rather* tough to get a make on from afar from afast.  Esp. @ frickin'
NIGHT.  And the bastards now run in "color of the road" grey and some in
basically cammy green Crown Turds.  Makes them very tough to spot.  Not
only the low profile rack mind you but also more often sans rack but low
profile winkers on the rear deck.  Tucked in tight to each side of the
CHMSL, I have a tough time telling if it's seatbelt retractor humps or
winkers nowadays.  F'n LAME.

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