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Lee Levitt lee at wheelman.com
Thu Mar 22 11:35:19 EDT 2007

MA Statie pulled the same move on me a few years ago. Late at 
night on the Mass turnpike, minding my freaking business.

Empty road, 65 mph (back when the limit was 55).

Did I mention empty road?

My V1 lights up full. Brake test. Lights go on behind me.

Freaking statie tailed me in the dark and lit me up with his 
radar. I'll bet that if I hadn't hit my brakes (indicating that I 
was running a RD), he would have moved on.

I was bullshit, took the damn thing to court. Didn't have a leg to 
stand on.



On Thu Mar 22 08:23:23 PDT 2007, "Pasqualoni, James E" 
<james.pasqualoni at gs.com> wrote:

> Don't get me started on Staties.  Damn Mass-hole State Poopers.  
> Around
> a year ago Xmas time, I was heading home from the company Xmas 
> party.
> Luckily, I didn't have anything to drink, as I wasn't feeling too 
> well.
> Some guy in a B5 //S4 thought he would blast by me in my 86 
> 5kcstq, so I
> decided to play.  We were the only 2 cars on the road, around 11 
> pm on a
> Tues night.  Pretty remote 4-lane stretch of I95 north of Boston, 
> not
> far from the New Hampshire line.  We're having fun, blowing by 
> each
> other.  I finally decide that I'm pushing my luck and back down 
> from
> about 120 and go to tuck in behind the //S4.  Then suddenly, 
> headlights
> and blues flash on right in my blind spot.  The mutherf'in Pooper 
> was
> trailing us without any f'n lights on!  Now who's the one driving
> dangerously here, I say?  The Pooper must've entered the highway 
> at the
> last interchange, seen us and turned off his lights.  I almost 
> took him
> and myself out.  Nice, huh?  Pulled us both over and tried his 
> best to
> get us to admit to racing.  F'n idiot.  Luckily, he only clocked 
> me
> doing, "90+ mph".  I told him there's no why this "20 year old 
> car with
> almost 200,000 miles could possibly go that fast!".  He wasn't 
> buying
> it.  $350 ticket.  Ouch...
> F'n Ma$$ holes...
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> Well since Paul told his story, I have to tell mine.
> Driving across a place called Rocky Flats on the front range, CO 
> heading
> north. Road is a mix of single lane w/ a couple of passing lanes 
> on the
> hills.
> Hit the first one, after having some guy in the cheapest of cheap 
> Dodge
> hatchbacks on my ass, seriously, like a foot off off the bumper. 
> Let him
> pass, but then we hit the steep part of the hill and I'll be 
> damned if
> he can't push his rust bucket over 40mph up the sucker. Pisses me 
> off,
> because he's in such a damn hurry, so I pass him at 55 (the speed
> limit).
> Back down to one lane, no hill, and he's on my ass again! 
> Bastard. Now
> I'm really pissed, especially because his shitty car has nothing 
> and
> we're coming up to yet another next steep hill (w/ passing lane) 
> and all
> he's going to do is pass me so I have to then pass his rust 
> bucket yet
> again and then have him on my ass all the way to Boulder as the 
> road is
> single lane the rest of the way.
> Hit the next hill and I'm like F**K you, buddy, you ain't got 
> nothing.
> Push it up to about 90, leaving him in the dust and just about to 
> give
> 'er to, say 120mph or so, when I notice a sparkle of something 
> metallic
> behind the bushes up ahead, Uh oh, I know that THEY hide up there 
> and
> now I'm feeling like the stupid bastard.
> It's a sheriff, thank God, they tend to be nicer.
> Pulls me over about 2 miles down the road. Looks at my driver's 
> license
> and says, "well, since you are from Vail, I won't make you show 
> up for
> court down here in Golden." Sends me on my way with a lesser 
> ticket for
> 10 mph over the limit (65 in a 55mph, IIRC) and $100 poorer. Best 
> $100
> I've ever spent!
> Thank God for sheriffs. If it was a statie I'd been cuffed.
> Tom
> '95 S6 Avant
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