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Define how cheap... since you stated that requirment twice?!
I'd think about a 4000q with a 10v MC under the hood. 
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So I've got work up to my yinyang and I'm thinking about what kind 
of car I would build up as an autocross/track car.

Requirements - cheap, familiar, fun, reliable, cheap.

Does not have to be particularly competitive...

Should be a car that I would/could drive on the street without 
being illegal or wincing...reality is that autocross/track time 
will be relatively minimal for a while...eventually I'd like to 
spend more time with it.

First thought is an early B5 S4.

Other initial thought is a B5 A4...

I know some will suggest Miatas, Boxsters, etc, but I want to stay 
in the Audi fold for this fun car. Not sure why, but I do... :)


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