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For a track toy, you want FUN, not work. With the possible exception (and
you'd be slow, slow, slow in class) of a 4KQ (meets your cheap, Euro, AWD
parameters), which are sort of fun 'cuz they're really well balanced, no
other Audi fits the bill on the fun'o'meter in Autocross. I took the S-bitch
to an Autocross once. In order to have grip, you've got to be soooo slow on
turn-in, if you try to toss it (more fun), she'll slide neatly (either end,
depending upon your chosen throttle/brake/steering inputs) but won't be fast
(and I killed a sidewall of a properly inflated SP8000) and it won't be fun.
Cheaper Audi's just really aren't good for Autocross.

The A1/A2 VW's ARE  fun.  They also just  happen to be good, depending upon
the class they're entered in.  Cheap, ratty, noisy commuters compared to
today's iron, but then again, my Saabaru sort of fits that bill, too.


On 3/28/07, tbickle99 <tbickle99 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Lee,
> I gotta agree with Taka and Larry on this one.  If you want a good
> track/autocross toy, there are no Audis that fit the bill.
> In my personal experience, I spent 3 years flogging my UrS6 around
> autocross courses before buying a dedicated track/auto-x toy (E30
> 325is) last summer.  The bimmer is fun, fun, fun.  You can easily build
> a track-ready E30 for less than $7k ($3k for a decent car; $1.5k for
> suspension, wheel, and tire upgrades; and $2.5k for repairs, sorting,
> and other items like roll bar, harnesses, etc.).
> Here's a minor correction to Taka's post:  a stock E30 is roughly
> 2750lbs, not 2400.
> One more thing-- you mentioned a B5 S4.  In this price range
> (mid-teens), you may want to consider an E36 M3.  Bone stock, they have
> great handling, strong brakes, and reliable powertrain; and there are a
> plethora of upgrades available to take it to the next level.
> --Eugene
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