[s-cars] Advice solicited on dealing with VW

Steve Marinello smarinello at entouch.net
Wed May 2 18:50:33 EDT 2007

This is semi-off topic, except for VW and Audi being one.

As I noted in an earlier email, the new GTI has been getting lousy 
mileage.  The stick is rated at 23/32 mpg and probably 98% of the 4500 
miles on it have been early morning/early afternoon commutes to avoid 
Houston traffic.  I've only had to slow down on three occasions from a 
running in the 70 -75 mph range, I think, which may be right there in 
wrong spot for the 5th/6th transition being at 3000 to 3300 rpm...whihch 
it shouldn't be because the torque curve is essentially flat from 
1800-5000 rpm.

In any case, a high of 24.8 mpg, usually around 23.4, and a most recent 
of 21.9 mpg.  Oil still at max; dry black dust on the tailpipes, which 
VW says is what it should be.  Dropped the car off this morning for the 
codes to be pulled to see if they can find a cause.  No codes, oxygen 
sensor checks out, etc.  The dealer, which I still rate highly, called 
in the factory tech rep who was across town today and brought him in for 
a discussion.  Nothing he'll do...but then he hasn't met me yet.

Considering the mileage other 2.0T's are getting in A4's , A3's and 
other GTI/GLI's, this is pretty ridiculous and I am about to start, 
nicely, having it out with VW about it.  I have no qualms about getting 
ugly if they play it that way.  The car is leased and I would consider 
getting an attorney with regard to addressing various options, but would 
rather not.  I can be about as problematic as any attorney, particularly 
with the web.  Any guidance would be appreciated with respect to similar 
occurrences or other thoughts on the subject.  Considering I swapped the 
S6 sedan to get better mileage for the commute, this is especially 
aggravating, as it got better, or at least equivalent, mileage on the 
same drive with 165k+ and bad cats.

Thanks in advance for any guidance, warnings, etc.

By the way, except for the too stiff rear suspension and the shitty 
mileage, the car is nice...much more appealing to me than the A3.


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