[s-cars] Advice solicited on dealing with VW

Steve Powers sbpowers at gmail.com
Wed May 2 18:59:21 EDT 2007

Look at your lemon law if you have one. Then approach it from a "I'm
sure this is a highly unusual case that you'd like to take a look at
privately" standpoint. Work with your service manager and let them be
the go-between with VW (if you trust him).

This approach netted us a brand-new ML500 when our ML430 turned out to be bogus.

Steve Powers

On 5/2/07, Steve Marinello <smarinello at entouch.net> wrote:
> This is semi-off topic, except for VW and Audi being one.
> As I noted in an earlier email, the new GTI has been getting lousy
> mileage.  The stick is rated at 23/32 mpg and probably 98% of the 4500
> miles on it have been early morning/early afternoon commutes to avoid
> Houston traffic.  I've only had to slow down on three occasions from a
> running in the 70 -75 mph range, I think, which may be right there in
> wrong spot for the 5th/6th transition being at 3000 to 3300 rpm...whihch
> it shouldn't be because the torque curve is essentially flat from
> 1800-5000 rpm.
> In any case, a high of 24.8 mpg, usually around 23.4, and a most recent
> of 21.9 mpg.  Oil still at max; dry black dust on the tailpipes, which
> VW says is what it should be.  Dropped the car off this morning for the
> codes to be pulled to see if they can find a cause.  No codes, oxygen
> sensor checks out, etc.  The dealer, which I still rate highly, called
> in the factory tech rep who was across town today and brought him in for
> a discussion.  Nothing he'll do...but then he hasn't met me yet.
> Considering the mileage other 2.0T's are getting in A4's , A3's and
> other GTI/GLI's, this is pretty ridiculous and I am about to start,
> nicely, having it out with VW about it.  I have no qualms about getting
> ugly if they play it that way.  The car is leased and I would consider
> getting an attorney with regard to addressing various options, but would
> rather not.  I can be about as problematic as any attorney, particularly
> with the web.  Any guidance would be appreciated with respect to similar
> occurrences or other thoughts on the subject.  Considering I swapped the
> S6 sedan to get better mileage for the commute, this is especially
> aggravating, as it got better, or at least equivalent, mileage on the
> same drive with 165k+ and bad cats.
> Thanks in advance for any guidance, warnings, etc.
> By the way, except for the too stiff rear suspension and the shitty
> mileage, the car is nice...much more appealing to me than the A3.
> Steve
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