[s-cars] O2 Sensor

Stott Hare share at bluetarp.com
Mon May 7 13:03:27 EDT 2007

Yes, but if you solder in a new mating female connector
=13) for the male one supplied on the 13913 you can solder the female in
at the correct point along the original OXY sensors harness.  Your
adding in an additional connection in the chain, but assuming you make
it a quality connection, overall connectivity shouldn't deteriorate


Original: requires $$$ to replace each time.

Stock oxy sensor long harness leads <> connects to car harness


Cut/Solder/Crimp: requires $ and cutting/re-soldering to replace each

13913 oxy sensor connector cut off <> soldered to remaining portion of
long stock leads <> connects to car harness


Cut/Solder/Crimp and include 95-7395-CP: requires $ but is plug and play
for subsequent replacement

13913 oxy sensor plugs into <> 95-7395-CP <> soldered to remaining
portion of long stock leads <> connects to car harness


This places the additional connector roughly underneath the fuel filter
on my S6, and saves me any further cutting and soldering down the road.
Perhaps this solution isn't for all, but for those of us driving 40k
miles+ per year, I'm already on my 2nd Oxy sensors since I purchased the




Stott Hare

95 S6A (259k miles and going strong)



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true, but the next OXS swap is far off in the future.  it's no big

deal for me to cut off the connector and splice again when the time



this lets me avoid cutting off the factory connector from the car's

wiring harness.




--- Robert Myers <bob at chips-ur-s.com> wrote:



> And that works just fine, Teddy, until you need to do it again at the 

> next OXS swap.  If, however, you replace the OEM Audi plug with one 

> designed to accept the 13913 plug then the next (and following) 

> changes become simple p'n'p.


> At 11:46 AM 5/7/2007, Theodore Chen wrote:

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> >i cut the connector off the original O2 sensor and spliced it into

> >new O2 sensor wiring.

> >

> >-teddy

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