[s-cars] NAC , antivirus program recommendations

Gísli Óttarsson gislio at gmail.com
Wed May 9 17:54:12 EDT 2007

Depending on your level of frustration with the virus situation in general,
here is the ultimate anti-virus tool


I've been using this and other flavors of Linux for 13 years and I have
never experienced a virus or any kind of spyware.  Ever!  This in spite of
opening e-mail messages known to contain viruses, just to see what will

Download and boot your computer from the CD.  You can take it for a spin
without any permanent changes to your computer.   Dislike it and you reboot
you computer back to the original (sorry) state.  If you like it you can
install it permanently and kiss Windows and Microsoft goodbye forever.

YMMV --- for sure  Proceed with caution.  Not all the software you think you
can not live without will run under Linux but nice (free) alternatives
usually exist


On 5/9/07, Harold McComas <HaroldMcComas at comcast.net> wrote:
> Trying to upload pics of my of my brake conversion has gotten me annoyed
> with Nortons Internet security/anti-virus. Taking 15 mins to upload a
> single
> pic is ticking me off.  Borrowed my roommates laptop and uploaded the pic
> in
> 10 secs.With my subsciption coming due soon I would like to switch to
> something better.
> Any suggestions, doesn't have to be freeware either? I currently have
> Webroot's spysweeper ( they have the option to upgrade to anti-virus).
> Also
> using Ad-Aware from Lavasoft.
> Harold M
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