[s-cars] Viscous fan clutch failure? - paging Dyno Dave Dawson!

Mark Strangways StrangConst at rogers.com
Fri May 11 21:29:28 EDT 2007

Like I said later, mine was seized so that would actually suck the power if it need the cooling or not.
I did  measure a 40 HP gain, I cannot say 100% it was due to just the fan, but I really have to believe that was a large portion of it

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  VC clutches on the S cars and V8's are of the whimpy variety.  I doubt you could measure the difference on the dyno with and without it.  The VC can be serviced if you so desire, toyota dealer sells the silicone fluid in a variety of viscosities.  

  For the big draw (ala my supercharged Landcruiser at Steamboat last year) fans, the VC arrangement can suck a lot of power (like 30hp or so), but the fan is 20in in diam and 4inches deep.  I bet the S car isn't a 10th of that draw.

  There is a special tool that holds the pulley so you can use a big wrench (left hand thread) on the pulley nut.  You can modify a lisle crimper for clamp type hoseclamps to replicate this tool.

  Scott Justusson

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    Got the clutch off with a "modified" oil filter wrench.  I drilled out the
    rivet and put a longer link and put some rubber underneath the metal strap.
    Removed the fan blade and Hydraulic pump pulley to get better access.

    A new unit is on its way thanks to SJM. :-)

    If that little plastic fan and clutch can sap a huge amount of power I'd be
    surprised... its not driven on the V side of the belt so it would slip like
    crazy with any serious drag on it.

    I bought a new serpentine belt a few weeks back... guess the Car sensed it
    and decided I better do it sooner rather than later. ;-)


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    Sorry, can't provide you with horsepower loss via the fan clutch.

    I can say that if the fan spins that freely, it is probably shot.  As far as
    A/C... if it doesn't work right after the car is started (from cold), the
    clutch isn't the issue.

    Removal varies.  The tough part is holding the pulley.  Some are on there so
    tight that removal in the car is virtually impossible.


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