[s-cars] It's Raining in my S-Car...

JR audiurs4 at mailforce.net
Fri May 18 09:12:10 EDT 2007

Where do these arms connect?  Would a break be visible without taking 
anything apart?  At what position does the sunroof need to be to make 
the break visible?



Abe Berman wrote:
> Thanks Steve, I will have a look at that this evening, sounds like it
> might be the culprit here...
> On 5/17/07, Steve Powers <sbpowers at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Dave -
>>> You asked: "Ur-Bill claims that this condition might have been exacerbated by me
>>> leaving interior panel slid open, any truth to this theory?"
>>> I've never found this to be true.  Mine has been slid back since the day I bought the car, and I've never had a sunroof/water issue.
>>> I don't think that makes Bill wrong... maybe there's something to the theory.  It just hasn't happened to me.
>> there's an inner panel inside the sunroof assembly (not the headliner
>> covered part) which is attached at the corners to the sunroof. it
>> slides back and forth with the sunroof but remains in a fixed position
>> relative to the sunroof itself.
>> its purpose appears to be to direct water into the side channels then
>> into the drains. if it comes detached (it does when the arms break) it
>> stays rearward after first sunroof closure. this means that water now
>> goes any where it damn well pleases (like in our car) instead of
>> harmlessy being guided down the drains.
>> check to see that the little arms in the front corners aren't broken.
>> sp
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