[s-cars] 6-speed

Martin Baggenstos martin.baggenstos at gmail.com
Tue May 29 14:43:19 EDT 2007

Thanks everyone for your help in me trying to convert my 1995 S6 to a
6-speed EDU tranny. I think that we finnally found the problem and I hope
that someone might have some insight to this. We check the tranny with the
dealer and it is from a 2000 S4tt. Comparing the 2bennett flywheel we are
using it is only a 2mm difference from a stock urS6 which should not make
much of a difference. The clutch we are using is for an RS4 and should
theroretically fit an S4 transmission but it is not in our case. My mechanic
is finding that the inside of the bellhousing needs to be shaved down to fit
these components but shouldn't components that fit other S4 cars and there
transmission also fit this one. Is there some variablilty in the structures
of the EDU transmissions? Has anyone else had to shave down there EDU to
make it fit?


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